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Can anybody recommend a good video editing program? I have it set up where I can make gif clips but am having trouble editing 1 minute+ video segments into the short 4 second clip of the throw that I am looking for.

Thank you.

Mac or PC?

If its a PC, then try this:


Super powerful video editing software. Its shareware, so you dont need to pay, or worry about cracked versions not working correctly. I use an older version (mine is v 1.6.16) and it works fine for me. There are several newer updates to VDub, that i cant vouch for, but I’m sure they work fine. Works great cutting and compressing. You can even crop video with it, which is great for reducing file sizes.

The other great thing about VDub is that it handles watching video frame by frame way better than any simple video viewing program out there.

The only downside is that at least in my older version, it doesnt handle mp4 or wmv files, which i guess are typical capture formats. Maybe one of the newer releases does. I just convert mine to avi or mpeg first.


Download Page

Thanks, South Carolina…

How about a video camera? Any suggestions for something that would be good for video analysis on pitchers?


[quote=“gettingthere”]Thanks, South Carolina…

How about a video camera? Any suggestions for something that would be good for video analysis on pitchers?


Some of the video editing programs don’t work well with the “latest and greatest” HD cameras. And I think those using RightViewPro and others are actually encouraged to use MiniDV (I can’t believe they still make those!).

Read the reviews on and I got a Canon HFS10 and use Adobe Premiere to edit my LTP videos for youtube, but the learning curve was steep and the equipment/software was too expensive, in my opinion. Not sure I’d do it again, if given the option.

Let us know what you decide!

[quote=“gettingthere”]Thanks, South Carolina…

How about a video camera? Any suggestions for something that would be good for video analysis on pitchers?


Not really. Im still using an old Sony Handicam MiniDV camera, and Windows Movie maker to capture it.

Casio makes a line of cameras that shoot high speed video.

I have the Casio EX-F1. It takes still photos and shoots standard and high-def video. But its specialty is high speed video. It is capable of shooting high speed video at 300, 600 and 1200 frames per second (fps). This model is priced at $999. One nice feature is that it records video directly in .MOV format which is readily playable in the QuickTime player which makes watching frame by frame as simple as pressing the left or right arrow key on your keyboard.

The next model down is the EX-F20. This model shoots high speed video at something like 240, ??? an 1000 fps. I’m not sure what other features it offeers. This model is about half the price of the EX-F1.

Casio supposedly has some newer models priced less than the F20 but I don’t know much about them.

We use the EX-FH20’s at our lab for 210/420 FPS work. They work very well with enough lighting for our biomechanical markers.

Another piece of useful of video editing software that slipped my mind when i originally posted to this thread is AviDemux. It might actually be a bit better than VDub. I just tested it and it does handle mp4 files(FAKE EDIT: IIt handled them in so much as it allowed easy conversion to avi, and chopping of the resulting avi file. Chopping a mp4 file up and saving it as mp4 files wasnt so successful). I dont have any .wmv files to test it on, but i would bet it will handle those too. It also allows for fast video format conversion, chopping up video, and cropping video but its better than VDub for 2 reasons, IMO

  1. It handles video with variable bit rate audio, which VDub just wont handle


  1. Its is A LOT more user friendly. The graphic interface is easier to use, and pretty much whenever you load a file to edit, and you tell AVIDemux to do something to do it, it will tell you “In order to do that, this must happen first. Do you want to do this?” Pretty much always click “Yes” and AVIDemux will handle it.

The only con to this software (and it is a very small con) is that when you save a file, you must type a file extension into the file name box. So if you are trying to save an avi file, you must type “filename.avi”, not just "filename"into the file name field.