Help with the slider

I decided i wanted to pick up a slider (because of dropping the k-ball) but from what i’ve read or watched, people ethier say you need to turn your wrist to get a good sharp break or you can’t throw it with and pronation in your wrist. please help

If k-ball is supposed to mean knuckleball, dont drop it, because its a great pitch, but dont throw it too much. If you need slider help, ask Zita, (he knows everything)

i know but its to unrealible and the faster im throwing the more spin im getting on my knuckleball

and yeah zita tends to find a way to comment on just about every post of mine so far anyway. But he wasnt on today as far as i can tell so i figured someone else gotta know something

Consider me a two-headed green Martian.
No, I don’t know everything, contrary to popular belief. But I do know—or did know, when I was playing—how to throw a good slider I had to work at it, because although it might be easier to throw and to control than a curve ball it’s not a pitch you can get overnight.
Let’s go back to the beginning. The grip is very much off-center, with the index and middle fingers off the seams and very close together, the thumb underneath and on one seam for balance and support, and you throw it, as I said, like a curve but with an easier wrist action. Think of a chef flipping a pancake or a crepe (yum), and you’ll get your best results when you throw hard, as I did, and with just a slight pronation as you release the ball. You DON’T snap your wrist. Yesterday I was watching David Cone demonstrate how he used to throw it (and it seems to me he still can); in addition to the aforementioned grip he had his fourth and fifth finger curled up together on one side of the ball. When he released the ball his wrist action was like a karate-chop but a good bit easier.
That might seem like a tall order—throwing hard but easing up on the wrist action—and that takes practice. But once you get it, you’ll have a very good slider indeed. 8) :baseballpitcher:

How do you come up with these long replies all the time?? 8)

thanks again zita, but where did you see david cone show how to throw a slider

It was the other day, on either the MLB Network or the YES Network—I forget which, but Coney was demonstrating how he gripped the ball and how he threw it. Very similar to how I used to do it. The thing is, you have to throw it hard while easing up on the wrist action, and that takes some work.
I think I mentioned the time that Ed Lopat told me how to throw the “slip” pitch—get a knuckleball grip and throw the slider with it. I used a couple of different knuckleball grips, the two-finger and the three-finger, and I got different breaks depending on which grip I used. What I loved about it was what it did to the batters who tried to hit it, especially when I would crossfire it. 8)

On a slider is it best to have your hand slighty towards you?
And Zita with your index and middle finger lay on the smooth part of the ball and not the seam? also what about follow through should it go more towards the inside of the plant foot leg instead of the outside? Sorry I have been struggling with trying to throw a good slider, so please forgive all the questions.

I meant is it best to have your pitching hand slightly cocked towards you

Trev and sidearm and Rholley, Zita is in our Hall of Fame, I recommend you study what she brings here…
yes she.

Well explains why it says goddess of the slider

I am new here so I don’t know what that means that she is in our hall of fame, but that is what I want to do is study her advice and get her advice she sounds very knowlegeable and would be honored to get any tips she may have.

Okay, all you slider lovers, gather round and listen.
When I said that the index and middle fingers are off the seams, I meant just that—the middle finger just barely touches one seam. Other than that, both fingers are on the smooth part of the ball, and the tjumb rests on one seam at the bottom for balance and support The hand should be in pretty much a normal position; the pronation occurs when you deliver the pitch. (It’s a lot easier when you throw it sidearm.) And you have to be sure to complete the pitch, follow through so that you’re in a good fielding position—I can’t emphasize this strongly enough. And if you’re throwing across the body when you follow through, that’s okay too.
There really is nothing esoteric about it, no abstruse technical language that goes along with this. This pitch has been around for decades—it really goes back to the early days of the 20th century; two pitchers, George Uhle and George Blaeholder, came up with it around the same time, and in the 1930s Red Ruffing refined the pitch and made it a staple in pitchers’ repertoire.
And, as I have said earlier—when thrown correctly, the slider is a lot easier on the arm and shoulder than the curve ball—so I suggest that any pitcher who’s having trouble with the curve consider learning how to throw a good slider! Class dismissed. 8) :slight_smile:

It ranks you on how many posts, replies, topics, and things like that you make.

Ok zita i wanna say you know what your talking about on slider (not that i didnt think you did) but i was throwing in my backyard today trying to get the slider and it was bad at first, infact my brother said it was actually screwballing :shock: but i changed my grip a little (my thumb was on bottom seam across from my middle finger) to a little more on the middle of the ball and focused on the pronation of my hand and it worked! like really worked. It looked like it was going to hit the batter (if it was a real game) and it moved to the low and away. The best is it started moving (from what my brother said who was where the ump would be) 2 feet infront of the batter 5-7 feet and around 5mph slower then my fastball

so THANK YOU :pray:

plus when i cross fired it (which im not the best at yet) it was dirty

Well youre a fast learner with the slider, but screwball? haha, i’ve tried to throw that many times and i have failed everytime. :cry:

i ussualy learn things amazingly quick but i get lazy or forget things about it and it gets worse :x . butyeah me and my friend tried a screwball this year in june and it is really akward to throw, lets just say im trying to forget that i ever tried

Trev and sidearm, I would strongly advise that you forget about the screwball. That is a pitch that is guaranteed to literally screw up your arm, no pun intended. Consider Carl Hubbell, who threw that pitch almost exclusively, and it got to the point where, when he would stand with his arms at his sides, the palm of his left hand faced out. He literally screwed up his arm! 8)