Help with the Deuce

Okay, so here are the specs

I try to throw my curve with the same arm slot and body motion as my fastball, changeup, and slider. Whenever I do it either sails up high, or hits the ground at 45 ft. I don’t have any problem with control or movement when I throw it with my chest straight up and little to no bending at the waist. So any advice for me?

how about some video?

Apparently posture is not an issue with you. I would take a look at that release point—my guess is that either you’re releasing the ball too soon or too late. which would account for the pitches being either too high or too low. You might want to work on developing a consistent release point. By the way, what is your arm angle? 8)

Well I’ll tell you what man some days you just won’t have it.

But if you really think you’re losing it and can’t throw it at all for a strike then I’d suggest just going back to basics. Throw it like a fastball but really grip it with your thumb and try to point your thumb at your target when you release the ball, and don’t forget to finish down.

This should keep the ball down and near the strike zone, using your thumb will help tighten the top spin.

I used to do full bullpen sessions on a regular basis so I could see just what was doing with my stuff. The day I was to start I would warm up in the bullpen, throwing all my pitches so I could see how they were behaving, and if I saw that one of them wasn’t behaving itself—if I was having trouble with it—I just wouldn’t use it in the game, but would put it back on the shelf and address the problem the next day. I had enough other stuff! 8)

Yeah, I would throw a pen every other day if I had somebody to throw to. haha. And believe me, I have tried to find them.

On days when you can’t throw a bullpen I’d try to just visualize and maybe go through the mechanics of the pitch in front of a mirror (or not if you don’t have a big enough mirror).

I’d also take a ball and work on your grip and try to figure out how to tighten the spin and get the right spin on the baseball.

Well maybe try putting your foot down a second before you throw, or just try a completely different arm slot. When i was having control issues, i changed my delivery quite a bit, but i now cant throw a curveball. I can throw a knuckle curve. You may also try different versions of the curveball. Also, a few days ago, i couldnt find the strike zone, and i realized it was because i was putting my front foot down too late for my delivery, hope i helped :stuck_out_tongue: