Help with the curve

I currently throw a curve 12-6 and change up. I jus transferred to 60-90. I have been throwing the curve for 2 years now. It has been very good in the past but now isn’t as effective on the big field. I throw over the top and a spike curve. Whenever I try to throw a regular curve. I spin it wrong and it spins sideways. Any suggestions.

Could have a lot to do “when” your curve breaks, at 54/80 the break occurs a lot later than than now that you are at 60 feet. You might be slowing your arm speed down, throw it hard and try to get the pitch to break as late as you can, maybe the last 2-3 feet. Remember the curve isn’t an out pitch at 60 feet as much as it was at the shorter distances, batters have a longer time to react to the pitch and like I said before the break is earlier usually. Use the curve as a pitch to keep hitters off balance and get outs with well placed fastballs.