Help with Submarine pithcing!

I’m a submarine pitcher looking to gain velocity. Nobody so far has been able to give me some really effective advice on this because nobody really sees or works with submarine style. I’m a complete (submariner) like Chad Bradford (not side-arm). I throw low to mid 70’s right now but need to be touching around 80. Does ANYBODY have some advice?

To tell the truth, there are only a few true submariners around the major leagues or anywhere else. You mentioned Chad Bradford. There was another one some time back, Kent Tekulve, who was very good at it. One thing I can do is tell you about something I learned a long time ago that would apply to any pitcher who throws with any delivery.
You have to get your whole body into the action and not just throw with your arm and your shoulder. When you drive off the lower half of your body, using your legs, your hips and your torso, you generate the power behind your pitches, and as a result you take a lot of pressure off your arm and shoulder and can throw harder and faster—with less effort. Here goes:
When I was a kid I would go to the original Yankee Stadium, every chance I got, and I would watch the pitchers. I noticed that their fabled Big Three—Reynolds, Raschi and Lopat—were all doing the same thing, driving off the lower half. Even Lopat, who was a finesse pitcher and then some, was throwing harder as a result. I watched them, and I saw exactly how they were doing it, and I made a note of it and started to work on this on my own. As I practiced this essential aspect of good mechanics, I found that I too was throwing harder and faster—not that I had anything resembling a fast ball, but I was getting more momentum into my pitches—and it seemed that my arm and shoulder were just going along for the ride. I myself was a natural sidearmer, and I found that I was getting more power into my delivery—and nary a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore anything else! And later on Lopat, who had become my pitching coach as a result of an odd circumstance, helped me refine this even further.
So you might try working on this and see what happens. 8)

I didn’t read the last part of Zita’s post but I wanted to mention something Zita often refers too on here, the crossfire move.

Throwing across your body and stepping towards the 3rd base side slightly (right hander) will help your control and will be more deceptive to the hitter.

Trust me I’ve used it from time to time, I’m the type that doesn’t have the most dominating stuff on Earth so I mix up my arm angles and mix my speeds and that’s how I get outs.


As someone who has been throwing submarine for years, I can suggest that you remember focusing on making sure your right knee bends as low as possible as you are pushing off the rubber (this does assume you are a right handed pitcher). I find that the more I bend my right knee, the more velocity and movement I get on the pitch. The other comments made were also right on. If you are comfortable with the crossfire, stride as far as possible towards third base in order to increase your angle and deceptiveness. It will also add considerably more sink to the fastball. If you can control the ball from a submarine motion, you will be around for a long time. Nobody enjoys hitting off us!

yes you are correct