Help with pitching


I know that i have some things wrong with my delivery and i need help figuring out what… Any tips? or criticisms?



Could you be more specific about what’s wrong with your pitching—is it the release point, the follow-through, the windup or lack of it, location, anything else that might contribute to your problem? One thing I can suggest: get together with a good professional pitching coach, maybe a retired major leaguer or high-minors, and have him look at what you’re doing. 8)


Your glove leg is stepping forward instead of gliding out.


you look somewhat uncomfortable throwing. Best thing to do, throw more. Try to throw a light toss everyday 60-90 feet. Free and easy. Doesn’t have to be focused on anything, just playing catch. The more you do this the more your body will get a feel for throwing and pitching. Good luck!