Help with pitching Mechanics

Hi, I would like to know what everyone thinks about my sons pitching mechanics. All constructive comments are welcomed. He plays on a 11U usssa team.

C pitching video 1


Looks like a big kid for 10 or 11 years old.

The main thing I see is that he stays very upright thoughout his delivery and fails to get out over the front leg. His stride is rather short and his release point isn’t out front enough. He needs a little more tempo, a longer stride, and to plant on a front knee that’s bent a bit more. Focus on the tempo by having him move a bit faster through the stride. The stride and bent knee should take care of themselves.

It also appears he doesn’t get a lot of hip and shoulder separation but I would expect that to improve with the increased tempo and momentum.

It also appears (hard to tell from the side view) that he has a bit if side-to-side head movement (typical of younger kids). It looks like he bends forward at the beginning of his stride. This is simply an adjustment into a posture he has the strength to maintain through the stride. We want that posture but not the head movement and associated posture change. So start him out in that posture by having him bend his knees slightly and bend at the waist. Work on this and then see what his head does later in the delivery.