Help with pitches

Advice needed: hows it going guys, i need to help. i throw hard, 70’s hard, and im a small kid (5’6, 135) i can blow most of the kids at my age away (im turned 14 in May) but as i get older, i wanna learn how to put that good movement on my fastball. i know how to throw a to seamer, and when i was being instructed, it had terrific movement. but now i have seemed to have lost that movement. so i wondering if anyone has advice on what to do to get that good 2 seam movement. also, any drills to help me find the release point on my pitches. i can throw strikes with my fb at about a 2:1 ratio, but i wanna throw 8 outta 10 strikes. also, when i find the release point on my curveball, not to sound concited, but i had a hard break, but sometimes it leave it up and it hands like at the hitters head. any advice, tips or drills that would help. greatly appreciated!!! thanks

70’s isnt that hard at your age. How high in the 70s are you talking? Also, with the 2 seam, try a lower arm slot around 3/4. Actually, wait for someone smarter than me to help you with that, because it could mess up your arm. 66% strikes is pretty good for your age. With your curveball, make sure your wrist is already at an angle when your reaching back. You may be reaching back like a fastball and then trying to turn your wrist into a curveball form too late.

70’s isnt that hard at your age.[/quote]

Compared to who? Compared to what? Everyone plays in different leagues, areas against different kids. Where I come from if your throwing 70s at 14 thats pretty dam hard. If you move a few towns over, not so hard. He didn’t say he wanted to become a pro he just wanted some advice. He wasn’t bragging just saying some important information to help us understand him a little better.

But on to your question. 2-seam is a strange pitch to me. Some days I have a ton of movement on it and somedays I don’t. Sometimes when I’m catching with my brother he has me call out my 2-seams and specify when im throwing because he can’t handle them. Other days it isn’t that good. My advice is to not give up on it, stick with it, and try to pronate a little bit. You can also try to throw a cutter which thrown correctly will be almost the opposite of a 2-seam the opposite way. I don’t know too much about a curveball, but you can also try a change-up, to me is the most underestimated pitch. But if you have good hard break you should work on that curve. Not too much though your only 14.

If you need more info like what pronating is or help on a cutter just ask for it.

Hanging curve balls are often caused by postural issues (e.g. tilting the head to the glove side) or opening up the shoulders early.

Yep, that’s the reason whenever I hang a curveball.