Help with pitches!

Hey guys, I am looking to grow my pitching arsenol, and im looking for 1-2 pitches that can help me out.

As of now i throw:
4-seam Fastball
2-Seam Fastball
Circle Change

I am looking for a pitch that is easy to learn and effective…perhaps a slider, cutter, or fosch?

Any ideas or tips would be great…thanks guys

"As of now i throw:"
4-seam Fastball
2-Seam Fastball
Circle Change

Have you got these down? Do you throw them at will for strikes? Work on being able to change speeds and locate and you will have plenty to dominate all the way through high school. Really, if you have any movement on your fb and there is movement and a good speed drop on your change, you can just use the hook as something to fully develop later. Throwing strikes is the big deal. If you pay much attention in little league, the majority of folks that get on, score, so just not walking anybody will make you a very good pitcher…and save your arm lots of use. Too many pitches seldom is helpful for a pitcher, a quality fastball is the most desired pitch, one that you can hit a spot with and use to establish any other pitch, so you should aim for this first.

I understand what you’re saying.

I’ve got my spots down, i can throw my fastball, c. change, and curveball all for strikes, in 25 innings this year for my jv highschool team i only had 6 walks, and in my last two starts i had 13 strike outs total from both games.

I’m just looking for another pitch to add to my arsenol

Well sully it doesn’t look like you need one, to me, it looks like you have it goin on. Just out of curiosity, why do you think you need one?

Anyway if you are determined that ya gotta have one, try variations of your fastball, sink it or cut it, these pitches are much easier to develop, just by adjusting finger grips and either pronating (Sinker) or supinating (Cutter) at release. Remember it is a fastball so keep the delivery the same throughout.

Alright, thank you very much!

I wanted another pitch because in my recent outing everytime a kid would be in an 0-2, 1-2, or 2-2 count kids from the bunch would yell to teh hitter, “watch for something,” meaning my curve, so i had to stop throwing it with two strikes and start fooling them with fastballs pretty much.

I’ll try some variations with my fastballl

So what you really need is to mix it up a little. Try starting them off with the hook, you’d be surprised how you can effect batters for several innings and maybe the game by simply being less predictable. You say you can throw it for a strike, well break that baby out…keeping them off balance. If they say watch for this…you think yep here it comes buddy don’t pee your pants…or the ever famous “duck”. In other words if you are on top with the count 0-2, 1-2, you have room, come inside, make em move their feet, get them uncomfortable. Then come back with what you got. At that point, once you get em all jinked up, you’ve reached the land of IDM (It don’t matter) and they can tell him to watch for anything.

The reason I’m so resistant about you having 5 or more pitches is that you do have to be proficient with them all if you start working all of them, so the effect will be (At least in my experience) to mute your main stuff. Use movement on your fastball and your change…My son’s change is ugly enough to have his varsity coach think it’s one of his breaking balls…of course he ain’t tooo smart :shock: .

alright, thanks for the advice

u only need 4 at the most. having some others is good for situations where all 4 are getting hammered. i get by with a 4 seam, 2 seam, slider, knuckleball, and curve. and ive only thrown the curve twice this year

dice K throws 8 different pitches?

the pitches you have are fine. I only throw 3 (2s FB, Curve, Change). Whats important is mastering those pitches and being able to locate them. don’t be so quick to look for a new pitch when the ones you have already are fine