Help with my mechanics!

Some info about me:

Age - 18 yrs
Top speed - 74 mph, topped in the '07 season.
The '08 seasons top was 69 mph. But during this season I have been on the DL for quite a while, most winterpractice, and part of the beginning season.


  • 4seam FB
  • Change-up
  • Curve
  • Split

Main problems I have when pitching as in the second video, is that my shoulder and my elbow gets sore after 20 pitches. My brother (lefty) told me that I’m lifting my arm up to much, without an angle in it.

Comments please


Your arm action needs alot of work. You fully extend your arm, and then just sling it over never bending it again. watch MLB pitchers arm actions and see they bend their arm.

We don’t know his true arm action until he gets a baseball in his hand and then throws. Give us a video with a baseball!

Thanks for the fast replies, I’ma try to get a few shots with a baseball tomorrow!

I´ve made a new movie.

Check the first post.


Better, but you still need to work on external rotation. Google it.

Also, what language was that guy speaking in the second vid?

I couldn’t hear myself speak in the second movie.

But if you wonder what language it is, it’s Dutch, the Netherlands national language.


Ah, you’re in the Netherlands. That explains a lot.


[size=9]EXTERNAL ROTATION[/size]

Obviously I’m not an expert/admin, so when jd, dm, Roger, Steven, etc. post be sure to hear what they have to say. But by my analysis of your mechs, it doesn’t seem you get much external rotation:

I’ve outlined what I found as the farthest of your external rotation. Correct me if I’m wrong, though.

Also, I know it was just one pitch but watch out for your balance at the end. Also it looks like you could sprain your ankle. Comparison:

First one is the better one, second one you fell off the mound and lost balance.

VERY WORKABLE! When you go to release the ball, EXTEND YOUR HAND–TOWARD the catcher more. Stretch your hand “to the catcher’s glove” as they say! Get your head MORE OVER your right foot ( 1 1/2 )feet–toward the catcher. Stretch your throwing hand toward the catcher–and GET YOUR BODY HORIZONTAL–to the ground. After you release the ball your body is still standing upright–somewhat. because of your standing upright–your body is falling toward the 3rd base side of the hill. Your NOT utilizing your legs! You want more velosity? Push off the mound–TOWARDS the catcher–with your legs! Your momentum should be going toward the catcher–NOT FALLING TOWARD THIRD BASE! Watch video of Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels. Cole Hamels is pitching the first game of the world series–WATCH HIM!

How do you train the external rotation

What does it explains?

This is a picture from the '07 season:

'08 season:

These are different pics of me. Hope they are of any use.


What does it explains?[/quote]

It explains why they were talking in Dutch.

you can get more external rotation from stretching or strengthening in with bands. also from throwing to. but very important make sure you do the same for internal rotation. if not your asking for an injury. i stretched and strengthened my external rotation alot and only did alittle of internal for the same. it definitely gets you to throw harder but i think its one of the reasons why i tore my labrum. so balance out internal external exercises

All these posts and nobody has touched on what I perceive to be your biggest problem which is that you are losing all control of your glove side and flying open with your front shoulder. IMO the pictures you posted look entirely different from the video. However the one thing they do have in common is that your glove is dropping below your waist in all of them. It really looks like you are pulling with your glove side elbow when really, it should just close to your side. For example, in the picture of you wearing the yellow jersey, your body position looks pretty good IMO. The problem is what that glove side is doing. If this were video I think we would see the elbow go straight back pulling everything off line. Instead that elbow should be closing either straight to your side or out in front. Doing this should help you maintain postural integrity (which is really good in that picture) and you won’t fall off to the side.

Here’s a couple points regarding the previous critiques on your mechanics:

External Rotation:

I think there is more external rotation there than meets the eye. It’s deceiving because your high arm slot has caused your shoulders to tilt and that shoulder tilt makes it difficult to see your arm angle to evaluate external rotation. I am not disagreeing with JPeavy, but guaging external rotation with a high arm slot is difficult from the 1B perspective. For instance, if you look at the head on shot that you posted all of the angles look vastly different from your 1b video

Stretch your hand to the catcher/Get Horizontal/Use your legs:

I think everything that Pitcherdadfan thinks he sees can be fixed by staying closed on the front side. If you close your front side it should help you keep your torso, chin, and eyes moving directly towards the catcher, thus the extension you feel at delivery should feel like it’s “stretching towards the catcher”. That front side flying open is also what is causing you to “stand upright”. You aren’t falling to 3B because you are standing upright, it’s actually the exact opposite. You are standing upright because as off balance as you are if you were to finish the pitch and get “horizontal” you would fall right on your head. I see what appears to be pretty good leg drive and torso flexion, but it is all wasted because your front side is pulling all that energy in the wrong direction.

So, in short, try to keep those shoulders closed

As stated in a previous post, I did encounter some injuries in the '08 season, which made me force to change my mechs. In order to pitch balls in my team. Since I’m the first pitcher in the team I had no other options, then continue throwing with bad mechanics.

Secondly, I think that is something which could be able to get solved.
And as I think the solution is quite easy, which just is to throw my give in the catchers direction. To create a more forward movement, to stay closed with my front shoulder.

If anyone has anything else, or excercises to train my mechanics, please help me.

Thanks for the positive reply’s.


Arm action:
You are one of the pitchers that I see needs to learn how to ‘load the scap’, yours, as I see without much ‘pinching’ of the shoulder on your arm action…
Here’s a graphic from SETPRO that illustrates the difference

Oh, and it also seems that you were taught to get the ‘arm along for ride’ due to the weak-looking arm whip in the acceleration - well, my philosophy (mainly from SETPRO and Dr. Bagonzi’s) is that the arm throws the baseball and body helps it throw the baseball.

Your tempo is pretty decent. Not really slow after hand break, but learn how to ‘drift’ through the balance point, not just stall over the rubber and kill the momentum.
You can see Joba ‘drifting through balance point’ by letting his body move forward during the leg kick and generate forward momentum

Posture… personally I don’t believe in pitchers having ‘tall’ balance, but it’s just preference. Personally, I’d get pitchers into more athletic position with the knees slightly bent and center of mass going lower

Hope this helps