Help with my mechanics

Alright guys I been practicing my pitching and I would like to improve my pitching mechanics in every little way because I want to be a great pitcher so tell me what should I fix ?

Bump… come on guys need HELP!!!

The video is private, I can’t view it.
Just so you know

All right, Erik. Apparently the other posters can’t view your video, for whatever reason—so let’s go at it another way. How about describing for us the problems you may be having with your mechanics—things like control issues, not being able to hit the strike zone, falling off to one side or another, anything that might be interfering with your pitching—and being as specific as you can. At least someone here might be able to pinpoint what’s going on and what can be done, for openers. After all, video is NOT infallible. 8)

Alright guys I got the video working can you see it now ?

Some things I noticed.

You have a incredibly short stride, maybe around 50% of height (average MLB pitcher is at 87%) although it will be longer on a mound it still looks pretty short.

You land on your toes, ideally a pitcher should land on the ball of their foot, this allows for the hips to open completely.

From this angle it looks like you have an open stride. This can be caused by your hips open early or you hips opening early caused the open stride, either way is counter productive.

Also it looks like you lack intent (one thing I hate about slow motion it makes it hard to judge intent)

Anyone feel free to add or correct.