Help with my mechanics

I am a high school pitcher and I am going to several JUCO baseball camps in the next couple of weeks. Could you critique my mechanics and tell me what I need to work on?

For 4 seconds it doesn’t leave a bunch of analysis room Ben.
Going to those camps should be of assistance to you. Try to get a bit more vid, at least a couple…4 or 5 pitches more so we can really get an idea. Just one thing I notice is you are over-rotating, this isn’t good for timing nor the shoulder…but you may have just wanted to portray a bit more velocity for this one pitch so it could be just meaningless…
Help us help you. Meanwhile, are you having any particular issue?

Thanks for the message. I recorded four pitches from a side view and 3pitches from a back view in a bullpen today. Also, could you please explain what over-rotating is? And finally, is my glove in a proper position?
I appreciate any and all advice.

Over-rotating is when you in your delivery don’t maintain front to back symetry and the hand with the ball in it reaches basically behind you…now that I see your delivery, that isn’t the case, you are just way linear.
What that means is that in a delivery you have a bunch of stuff happening, the hips initiate movement and the hands break, the shoulders should rotate as the rest of the body moves forward linearly (Towards the target in a line). You don’t do that, you instead of rotating the shoulders you try to get your arm through to delivery by basically getting it a little higher than shoulder height and you get your head out of the way (Not with violence which would be bad bad bad) just enough to get your arm through on time. This is done by some pitchers but to me it really gets rid of the shoulder hip seperation that can really assist in velocity development, it also makes your delivery for the most part all arm.
The stability of your head and front side are good, you may want to get the glove up a bit if you can…it looks real close to being slung and that will negatively effect accuracy…I bet as you get tired you have issues with accuracy (Of course who the heck doesn’t…I’m not trying to “sound smart” here…it’s just that the glove being that low may be harder to get stable and in front as you get more weary). I don’t like your leg lift…but won’t comment much beyond that…well not the leg lift itself but what you do after, I’d like to hear what they tell you when you go to those camps. I wouldn’t try to radically change anything until someone on the ground can get a good solid look at you and gives you some direction.

I think I understand what you are talking about in linear style pitching. So, if I had my glove swing out and rotate it into when I land, that would help? If I’m not close at all to getting the linear concept, could you try to explain it to me again? Thanks.