Help with my mechanics( Video included)

Hi, my name is Wil, and ever since I can remember I loved pitching. I grew up with all kinds of illnesses and I really never got the chance to play. The Doctors said I couldn’t…until I got older. I just have a video of my pitching, and I need to be critiqued. So, here we go!

looks relatvely smooth, well co-ordinated. One thing I can pick at is that your left foot plants to the third base side of your back foot, so you’re kinda forced to throw over your left hip instead of utilizing full hip rotation.

There’s some major leaguers that do it like you do, Joel Zumaya for instance, but generally it’s considered a “bad” thing to do.

All right, so I guess I have to work on my footing. I filmed this yesterday, before I got your advice.