Help with my mechanics please!

ive been looking at other peoples mechanics problems and have spotted a few that i have just by reading roger’s and dm59’s comments that they have made on other peoples… but im sure theres still a few things im doing wrong. i used to have very good command of my fast ball but it didnt have that much velocity on it. i stopped pitching for a year and now ive just lost every thing. i dont feel comfortable out of the wind up any more. thanks for the help

To me , everything looked generic. All your movements seemed really forced on instead of flowing naturally.

The most obvious thing I see is that your glove side foot goes up into your kick and then steps directly (e.g. diagonally) to the landing spot.

It would be better if your glove-side foot went straight up and then straight down and then skimmed the ground as you stride. This would help to keep your hips closed longer.

While striding with your glove-side foot, the toe of your glove side foot should face 3B, not the target. When striding, in addition to your glove-side foot being too high, your glove-side toe points to the target much too quickly which causes your hips to open up too soon. You need to stride with the side of your glove soon foot pointing at the target and then rotate your glove-side foot (so that your glove side toe points at the target) at the last second.

Here some examples of what this looks like…

Notice how low their feet are to the ground during the entire stride and how they stride with their feet sideways and their toe pointed at 3B (or 1B in Sabathia’s case) and rotate their feet at the last second before landing.

yeah i figured there was something wrong w/ my feet because they never looked right and now i know why. i think my shoulders are opening up too soon because i find myself throwing with my arm a lot and after about 20 pitches i get a really bad ache in my elbow and triceps area. could that be because i am keeping my glove at my side?

Although Chris said your stride foot takes a diagonal path, I think you have an “out and down” stride (knee lifts, foot goes out and then down to foot strike). An “out and down” stride opens the hips sooner and it results in a harsh landing which also causes everything to open up early. Many people like the “down and out” stride and I agree that is better choice. But I prefer a more direct (i.e. diagonal) path as this makes you quicker to the plate.

Im no expert but that looked pretty good

All Yours movements look forced

and also i notice that when coming across your lift foot is going foward befor you arm is starting

it looks like maybe your a lil off blacance in your wind up

try keeping your arm and feet in the same movements and

as your foot goes your arm should be right behind it