Help with my curveball

How come i can almost never get movement on my curveball? i try my hardest to put lots of spin on it to curve. it rarely does though. i put my fingers to one side of the seams and i spin it but no curve. i also have tried putting my fingers in a two seam position and shift them over a little bit and spin it still no luck on the curve ball.

Sometimes trying to hard causes worse results.

When did you start throwing your curve?

Have you tried playing around on your finger pressures?

Have you ever tried the beginners curve and then progressing from there?

How old are you Alex?

Probably your arm does not fall with your body. This is how a 110 women karate expert breaks 7 cement slabs, her body mechanics are perfect (and her hands are conditioned, but that does not affect our curveball). Many times in order to get a lot of whip arm action our body gets out in front of our arms, as soon as this happens-you’re done. Your acceleration has to be more downward (in your mind pulling the ball from high to low), and your arm needs to start down as you bend over to go “over the bucket.”

Of course, you have to have the right spin on the ball as well… hope this helps,