Help with Mechanics

heres a video of my at the beginning of spring. Any advice would be nice!

Im throwing mid 80’s in this video… hopefully i can get up in the 90’s here soon!!

That says it’s a private video share.

the video should come up after a second once it loads, if not click on the picture. thanks for looking

In my opinion, I think you look mechanicaly sound but I wonder if you could pick up some speed holding on to the ball longer and lowering your release point just a bit. Also a side view would be nice to see

Thanks for the input man!
You planning on working out with coach held this summer? You should it’d be nice to get to know you a little more than over this website.

PM sent

overall very good pitching mechanics,

only 1 thing i suggest you to consider is that

in my opinion, i hope you should stand still like Jon lester as you followthrough

and not swing your back leg over which cause unbalance of your body (like 0.38 and 0.50 in the video)

look at where you land, its not straight where you pitch and to the home plate

well, if you argue that most MLB pitchers like to swing their back leg, and off balance, if you want to be one of them, thats your choice

i have make some recommandations, to accpet or change or not , its depend on you ^^

all the best

i am sure you can go to 90s club in the future ^^

Thank you,
I understand what you are talking about! I’ll try and work on that; any drills that you think would help with it? I can see that my leg coming thru is taking me off balance towards the end of my follow thru.

the drill is,

you can practice very slow motion to make sure your back foot is turn over

when your front foot is stand properly on the ground, and your right hand (ball) is behind the head, your body is still facing the right side of the mound

example is below

make sure your back leg is fully turn over (palm of right foot is touch the ground)

this drill is just to make sure that your upper body do not rotate too fast before the right foot is fully turn over

there are reasons why some pitchers can not stand still as they followthrough (as a right hand pitcher for exmaple)

1.some people tend to off balance, because their upper rotate too fast , or

<---------sorry i can not see very clearly your back leg is fully turn over or not when your ball is behind your head

the picture above is the example of back leg motion you should have

  1. their upper body is facing left side of the mound instead of facing the catcher (like Dan Haren)

<----------you do not have this problem

  1. their back leg tend to swing and cross over their body and cause unstable balance (like Ricky Nolasco)

<---------you need to control yourself

  1. like Johney Cueto or K-Rod their front foot is not straight up

<----------you do not have this problem

i give you more examples, so you know how your back leg should have, as well as your stride distance