Help With Mechanics (Video)

If anyone can check out my mechanics and have any suggestions for comments it would be appreciated. Thanks

Looks pretty solid. Correct me if i’m wrong admins.

Needs to get his hips moving a little sooner but not bad
Needs to tuck the glove a little more letting it fly out.

I agree with Bower on both points. I’d like to see forward hip motion start a little sooner - like right before the knee reaches the peak of the knee lift - and get going a little faster.

I’d also like to see the glove be a little more stable. It sweeps across a flies out to the side too much. Getting the hips going faster should reduce the time the glove has to fly open.

Finally, I’d want to see the head kept a little more upright at release. Some shoulder tilt is ok but I like an upright head with eyes level.

i can’t really tell from this angle, but it seems like you’re grenading it. lack of external-internal rotation?

i had this problem too, and there was a heated debate of sorts about it in my thread