Help with mechanics Release too late

pitch jam 006 - YouTube .Even though this is a strike i think i have many things to correct just starting out.For example my glove hand is bad.Also i wanted to askHow to fix my release point although it doesnt show very much in this video i tend to throw dirt balls not from the lack of power its like im slapping the ground with the ball i forget to release the ball and release it when my hand is in a straight line from the batter.

Hey bud , had a manager in the minors tell me with your release point to throw away on a right hander you think about releasing the ball in front of your left cheek, inside on a righthander think about releasing in front. Your right cheek. Also separating your hands over the rubber will allow your arm to catch up to your body … A lot of times you can tell this is an issue if your breaking ball starting backing up on you or if your Fb is missing high and arm side … Hope that helps

isnt in front of my cheeks a late release?