Help with mechanics please?

a quick intro… i am 21 6’2" 195 lbs…

i walked onto a d3 college school but came up ineligable cause of my grades… anyways.

i threw low to mid 80s for the tryouts when i was about 10 pounds less… since then i havent thrown in about 2.5-3 years because i got a double hernia repaired that i got while working. i am trying to start again to tryout for some minor league teams.

i can only throw mid 70s now because my muscles arent used to it hopefully.

the first wind up is my old, where i could hit mid 80s. i noticed that my foot didnt point straight toward the batter whien i landed… i was flailing my left arm out instead of tucking it toward my body, and my left knee wasnt coming up much at all during the wind up.

i am trying to use my legs and body more, instead of just my arm.

i am hoping that once i get used to throwing again, and try to perfect my mechanics better i can hit mid-high 80s, maybe even low 90s!

i tried to fix these problems, does it look better? and do you see other problems? thanks a lot

why does every single post get replys except when i post,

0 replies every time

thanks for the advice guys

Its hard to judge your mechanics when your not using a baseball or on a mound. That always helps. It also helps if you put your video in the “Mechanics Analysis” part of the forum.

If you get a video of you throwing off a mound full speed you will get a lot more replies.

[quote=“timras14”]why does every single post get replys except when i post,

0 replies every time

thanks for the advice guys[/quote]
I tend not to analyze videos of people not actually throwing a baseball with 100% intensity - especially when they are in socks, or flip-flops, or having to dodge their cat, etc. :wink: Plus, we can’t see your head to see what it’s doing.

I would suggest that you move too slow and need to increase your tempo. But that may be an artifact of being in socks on a slippery floor with furniture and a cat in close proximity so I don’t really know if the tempo you displayed in the video really represents what you do on a mound.

I’d even be ok analyzing your mechanics while doing the towel drill as long as I thought you were giving 100% effort in a proper setting.