Help with Mechanics Please


Can someone Analyse my pitching motion and give me some advice?

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You do some things quite well, including your leg lift, stride, and follow-through. Well done!

My only suggestion is to work on your hand separation. From our angle, it looks as though you may be hooking your wrist when you separate your hands, which places stress on the elbow and tenses the wrist and forearm. A lot of lefties do this, including Barry Zito, but that doesn’t mean it’s correct.

Problem: Hooking the ball
Result: Curve balls in the dirt, slower pitches, and poor control
Remedy: Keep wrist straight throughout hand separation and bring hand up quickly to cocked position
Drills: Hand break drill

i think you have to bring your throwing arm up higher after the break

Isnt he short arming??

btw where ufrom?

[quote=“RodriGueZ”]Isnt he short arming??

btw where ufrom?[/quote]

I’m from Haarlem

On someone allready said something about short-arming. my engelish is not so good, so could you explain it in dutch.

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I see lots of balance issues. Your head is not focused on your target. You look down at your feet, then to your glove hand, back down and only look at your target when you are close to foot strike. That is too late. You need to focus on your target at all times. Don’t look at your feet. Look at the catcher’s glove. Then, your head needs to take as straight a path as is possible towards your release. Your head drops a good foot down as you start your leg lift and stride. Instead of standing straight up when you start your motion, keep your head lower by bending your legs until you feel like you are stable and in balance. Then start your motion with your eyes focused on the catcher’s glove.

When you have fixed the balance issue, you then can work on opening your hips at the proper time. You will need to keep greater separation between opening your hips and shoulder rotation. I don’t really see any issues with your hand break, only opening up too quickly and no delay in shoulder rotation. I would also venture to say that some coach told you throw over the top. Although I cannot see you from the front or back, it appears that your arm slot is too high and is pushing your body over to the right, and again off balance.

In a work (actually three) balance, balance, balance. If you can conquer your balance issues, you have good potential.

i think you should bring your feet a little closer to get more balance. it also looks like you are short arming.


Watch out for that table, dude! Actually, you came very close to colliding with that table so I’m wondering how much that affected your mechanics.

I will say that you need to start with your feet closer together. Not touching - you want some space between for making your pick-off move. But your feet are far enough apart that you have to make a significant weight shift toward 2B just to lift your knee. That weight shift means extra, unnecessary movement in the wrong direction and that can affect your balance.

I’ll agree with Knightbird on three points:

(1) Keeping the eyes focused on the target.

(2) Minimizing the big drop that your head takes as you stride. Starting with the knees bent some may help. But I think ultimately you need to get those hips moving forward sooner to generate more momentum. Without that momentum, you have to bend the back leg more so you can push off harder (i.e. drop and drive).

(3) You don’t get enough hip and shoulder separation although I think you keep your hips closed long enough - you just don’t get the hips rotating before the shoulders. Instead, your hips and shoulders come around together.

Knightbird, why do you think he isn’t getting good hip and shoulder separation? Let’s discuss!

i didn’t see too much wrong with that. good shoulder tilt and leverage like andy pettite. if you can throw strikes at 83 or better being a lefty, you’re be fine. throw 3 times per week and get after it.