Help with mechanics and velocity


this was taken in backyard on flat ground. my pitches seems to be slow. i try to drive off the rubber with my back leg and turn my hips but it feels like i dont have much power in my delivery. at 00:36 it looks like i dont have much hip shoulder separation. can anyone give me suggestions on how to improve mechanics and velocity? sorry for the crappy vid.


How old are you. I’m an oldman and you throw much harder than I’ve ever thrown. Give you self some credit looks solid.


Looks to me like you pull your glove back from its furthest forward “equal & opposite” position and that invites early shoulder rotation which, in turn, limits “hip & shoulder separation”.


thank you


so keep it more out front as i rotate?


Yes what roger said. After equal opposite the glove goes to a fixed position variety between your hip points and shoulder points. The 4 corners of both representing a box and u drive chest to glove. Some variation will pull glove down just before or after release.


Yes, keep the glove out front and stabilize it somewhere over the front foot. Your stabilize position doesn’t have to be the same position as your “equal & opposite” position but it should be just as far forward.

One other suggestion… You come set with your feet too far apart which causes you to weight shift back towards 2B when you go into knee lift. This creates unnecessary movement that can lead to inconsistency, it makes you slower to the plate and it tips off baserunners that you’re going to the plate effectively giving them a jump start. Try coming set with your feet no wider than armpit width.


Your shoulders when you are set look a little shrugged and tight. Let them fall and stay relaxed. Keeping your glove lower may help you with this. Tight shoulders = rushed delivery and lower velocity.


making progress. coming set with a more relaxed posture. i get the glove out a bit more as i rotate tho it seems to come natural to pull it.


a few improvements

forgot to add the distance was 70 feet


it may be the camera angle but i think the way i cock my arm and release the ball looks strange. maybe its just me. 3/4 seems to be my natural arm slot.


What looks strange to me is that you seem to release the ball between you thumb and index finger rather than letting it roll off the tips of the index and middle…could definitely hurt your velocity.

You are definitely low with your arm slot. But pitchers have a natural arm slot and it’s usually counter-productive to mess with it too much. You MIGHT experiment with trying to raise it to low-3/4.


How old are you?

Are you preparing to pitch in a league? Or, just doing it for your own curiosity to see how hard you can throw?

Just wondering as my advice to you will differ based on what you are trying to accomplish.


Too old lol. I’m 36. I’m mostly just curious how hard i can throw at this point. I play with some local hs kids often and pitch to them. Though I have given thought to trying out for adult league team or something. I really enjoy pitching and want to get better at it.


That sounds like a lot of fun!!!

If you are going to play in a league I wouldn’t worry at all about velocity. Work on consistency with hitting your spots, changing speeds and throwing strikes. Always try to work ahead in the count… you have to be in a “zone” when on the mound. Pitching is such a mental “game” and you can not allow anything to get you “rattled”.

If you want to see how hard you throw just for fun look at your videos and look at the moving “parts”. Your body moves most efficiently at 90 degree angles. What I mean is your shoulders should move at a 90 degree angle to your spine, your throwing elbow should be 90 degrees to your shoulders… it appears your throwing elbow is below your right shoulder. It also appears as if you have too much rotational movement too early… when you are balanced on your right leg with your left leg raised imagine driving your left hip straight at home plate as your first move… you want to create separation between when your hips rotate open and when your shoulders rotate open. This will create tension in your torso that will help you gain more velocity. Of course, that is just my unprofessional opinion and observations…

I played many years ago… video analysis was scarce back then so everything was done based on feel and advice of a pitching coach. Everyone responds differently to the same advice given. I recently began studying the pitching motion just to try to help out my son… it is really amazing just how much can be learned with a little study.


If you can get video from side and front would be helpful. Really need to include your entire body including feet. Really difficult to tell what’s going on seeing mostly only your upper body.


thank you. i watched the vid in slow mo today and it looks like youre right. i was flying open and rotating too early. 2022dad is right too my fingers are going off to the side of the ball. i watched this video today where mariano rivera talks about staying closed and keeping your elbow in line with the target, then releasing the ball. i experimented with that today and consciously tried to keep my fingers behind the ball and raise my arm a little…wow what a difference that made! it felt totally different. my control was much better and i could get velocity with less effort. it was getting dark outside and i was able to hit both corners of the plate…and the delivery felt smooth and effortless.i have so much to learn.

i might make another vid this weekend with both angles if i have time.


made a quick vid. it was getting dark but i was able to hit where i was aiming. control has improved a bit. im keeping my front side closed better. and fingers behind the ball. does anybody think this is close to 70mph?


Really difficult to see what’s going on. Only see the waist up for the most part from one angle. Need better video.


ok here is the side view. def wasnt my best day, im still a bit sore from the gym this week. ignore all the junk in the background.