Help with hopeful pitcher in high school

I’m a small 15-year old btw.

This link is for pitching from a frontal view.

This link is from the side.

Any criticism would be welcome.
Thanks a lot guys!

Can anybody help me?

I have noticed you don’t tuck in your glove arm, try leading your glove arm slightly ahead of your left leg (but keep your body sideways still) then tuck it in just as you release the ball.

another thing, may or may not help is your front food is too sideways when you land on it, that will shorten your upper body rotation, so try to open it up a little more when you land.

Also, try to follow through (lean forward more after landing on front leg), it will help slow down the arm and prevent injury to shoulder.

Hey thanks for the help
By the way, is there anything you see that might hurt of affect my elbow in any way? Because I was pitching with my catcher with this windup an my elbow started to get sore. maybe 20 minutes later I was 100% again but 20 minutes might not be enough in a game.


One thing that might help your command and your elbow soreness is working on your front-side mechanics (your lead arm). When you begin your stride you do a good job of aligning yourself and extending your lead arm. From that position, however, you tend to pull your lead elbow around your body which puts a lot of stress on your elbow. Try thinking about tucking your glove and pulling down with your elbow. You’ll stay on top of the ball better and it should help you finish over your front leg.

  • Brian