Help with filming a bullpen for college recruiters

Hi my name is Rob and I am currently in the Army stationed in Hawaii but I am getting out next year and i’ve been talking to a few colleges back home that are interested in me. They want to see some video footage of me throwing a bullpen since I am too far away for them to come see me in person. So I was just curious if anyone had recommendations on how I should film this so they can actually get a good and accurate view of me. I have a camcorder with a tripod that I am going to use for this but I just didn’t know what kind of angles and different views that would be most helpful for them. Thanks for any help I get.

I would try to get a few from the side so they can see your mechanics and then a few with your camera behind home so they can see how your pitches move. I’ve been told they only need to see a few pitches, so If you got 3-5 from each angle that would probably be enough.

Just remember, don’t add any of the fancy stuff. The scouts don’t want to hear The Eye of the Tiger in the backround. Keep it simple.