Help With Fastball movement

My arsenal consist of a 12-6 Curve, sharp and is probably my best pitch. Circle Change been working on it and has 12-6 sometimes goes on in a righty. But im still working on it. 4 seam fastball. My 2 seam is basically pretty flat and i cant seem to get any movement on it so i basically just dropped it. But now im wanting to work on it again but need help getting movement on it. Also i was wondering if a sinker is basically the same thing as 2 seamer with good movement. Help would be very appreciated

Im 6’0
175 lbs.
Just turned 17
going into my Senior Year
and im a Righty

try to shift your grip a small bit to the left of the seams

Alrite Ill try it out. Thanks

your welcome when i do that i get down in movement

Thats some good stuff. Do you pronate more throwing it?

sometimes by accident but you dont have to

Alrite sounds good. Thanks where u play?