Help With Contralateral Tilt?


Mechanical Issue: 13 year old has abit too much ipsilateral tilt in delivery. Ideally we want to get him to closer to a contralateral tilt at FFS to help come over the top abit more.

Other than the chest to the sky or head tilt cues does anyone have any other drills or methods to encourage this change in mechanics or do you beleive this often a product of a physical limitation (ie lack of hyperextension in the back)?


Thor - you’ve used specific and deliberate language in your question. That kind of language usually comes from professional coaching. Are you and your 13 year old dealing with a current or past professional ball player?


I myself played at an elite level until I was 18 and worked with Ron Taylor so have kept up with my understanding of pitch mechanics. Although studies have been done on the optimum angles I have not really seen much instruction on how to achieve that optimum angle except the coaching cues I previously mentioned. With abit of a gap on the topic, I wanted to see if any coaches had new ideas on creating this posture at front foot strike. Although not a required mechanic I am strong believer in establishing contralateral tilt at front foot strike. I believe through fatigue in game this tilt is often first to go which reduces arm slot and velocity. Too much tilt is proven to induce shoulder injury so the angle needs to be optimized as it is with the pitcher in the middle.


Quick Update: Actually found that contralateral tilt is a result of proper thoracic extension. So improper thoracic mobility could be a physical limitation to getting the proper tilt. However it looks like my pticher’s front knee is not in line with his back ankle and landing foot. This flaw can prevent full hip rotation and a forward hip position at FFS and without that it is also difficult to acheive any thoracic extension. The drill below should help him acheive thoracic extension and in the end get a proper shoulder tilt and higher arm slot.