Help With coaches!

Hi everyone-
I am a 16 yearold sophomore pitcher. i am very much into the ATP way of training my body , going 6-12 second bursts during a workout instead of running the traditional pitcher “poles”. i also throw bullpens at 100% intensity, usually 50-60 pitches. i am blending Dick Mills and Ron Wolforth, two pitching coaches who both make sense to me.

However, My summer travel Coach has different plans for me-What can i do?

Here is his plan:

4 Days Out: Long Toss and 20 pitch light Flatground

3 Days Out: Light long toss and 25-30 pitch bullpen at 75%/ run 4 poles

2 Days Out: Regular warm up/ 20 pitch Short Box/ run 3 poles

1 Day Out: Light long toss to get everything loose/ Rest day to get back to 100% for pitching turn/

Appreciate any effort You all contribute to help my cause,

That’s a tough spot to be in.

There’s two ways to approach this,

Talk to your coach calmly get a good open dialogue going and discuss your thoughts and his thoughts.

Or, do your own work on the side separate from what he wants and hope that this doesn’t cause any conflict.

How long have you been with this Coach?

About 2 weeks for summer travel ball which just started, thanks for your reply btw.

I’d try talking to him since you both are new to each other and get the communication going, nothing worse then not seeing eye to eye with a new coach.