Help With Coaches program!

Hi everyone-
I am a 16 yearold sophomore pitcher. i am very much into the ATP way of training my body , going 6-12 second bursts during a workout instead of running the traditional pitcher “poles”. i also throw bullpens at 100% intensity, usually 50-60 pitches. i am blending Dick Mills and Ron Wolforth, two pitching coaches who both make sense to me.

However, My summer travel Coach has different plans for me-What can i do?

Here is his plan:

4 Days Out: Long Toss and 20 pitch light Flatground

3 Days Out: Light long toss and 25-30 pitch bullpen at 75%/ run 4 poles

2 Days Out: Regular warm up/ 20 pitch Short Box/ run 3 poles

1 Day Out: Light long toss to get everything loose/ Rest day to get back to 100% for pitching turn/

Appreciate any effort You all contribute to help my cause,

That’s so few poles that I think you should consider yourself lucky. You can do his program and your program with minor modifications.

I forgot to mention that the day after we pitch he wants us to run 30-45 minutes depending on how many pitches…

35 -40 minutes of running the day following a start seems to be very popular with the theory that the cardio work improves blood flow and promotes healing and recovery. I don’t think its necessarily bad, but, I dont claim to know enough to endorse this as fact.

I posted our between starts routine for our varsity guys on another thread. Here it is:

Our guys follow this routine.

Start Day

Day 1 : Running distance (poles), static and dynamic stretching, band work.
Day 2 : Running sprints, dynamic stretching, band work, light throwing out to 60 feet
Day 3 : Running sprints, dynamic stretching, loose long tossing including a
pull down phase
Day 4 : Running sprints, dynamic stretching, bullpen session
Day 5 : Running distance (poles), stretch, light throwing out to 90 feet with
loose easy motion
Day 6 : Start

It works pretty well with our pitchers. If a guy is going to start on shorter rest his bullpen will be thrown on day 3 with less long toss and day 5 becomes the day before the start.

I would love to hear Kyle’s take on this routine. I value your opinion.

We use a workout schedule like Eric suggests on his site; looks something like this:

Day 0: pitch
Day 1: challenging lower body lift, light upper body work
Day 2: movement training only
Day 3: challenging upper body lift, easier lower body work
Day 4: low-intensity dynamic flexibility circuits only, or off altogether
Day 5: next pitching outing

As for long distance running… we have relievers do it during the game to stay warm, and immediately after coming out of the game, I have them run some sprint-jog-sprint variations. Other than that, no, I don’t have them run 3 miles at any time. I specifically tell them not to, actually - if they want to do cardio, they can come into the gym and push a sled or carry some farmer’s walks around (especially nice since it forces elbow extension and gets a nice stretch there).