Help with Change up

I am a 15 year old 6"0 tall 165lb lefty pitcher from Canada. Last year I got a ton of wins and strikeouts but this year I want to work on my skills for the future because I am playing for a much better team next year and I find I was relying on my slider to much. I want to develop my change up. My coach has told me to drag my wrist during the change up but I keep throwing it high over the plate when i do. Do I need to drag the wrist? Any other change up suggestions?

the change up is a pitch that you have to have a good “feel” for. experiment with different grips and throw it a lot when you warm up…practice practice practice.
also, try pronating a little when you throw it. or in other words, roll over the top of the ball. that should help to give you good sinking movement.
another thing i would try is curling your toes in your post foot when you throw a change. it will allow less of a drive from the mound and a greater decrease in velocity…its worked great for me.

but just keep experimenting and don’t get discouraged if you don’t pick it up right away.

I agree with ^. Just keep experimenting. One that a teammate of mine had alot of success with was a straight change. Three fingers across four seams, like a four seam fb, but he gripped it tighter, and rather than dragging his wrist, he dragged his back foot a bit. You would be surprised how much that will effect it.

My wise and wonderful pitching coach of way back when once told me that just about any pitch can be turned into a nice changeup, and he demonstrated a few for me. I had already picked up, on my own, a nice palm ball—my first changeup—and this could be a very good one for you to work on and develop. There’s also the circle change, which has a nice break to it. Yes, keep experimenting—the whole secret to a good changeup is in the grip, and how far back or far forward you hold it in your hand. Just remember, you have to throw the changeup with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as you do your fast ball; one thing you do NOT want to do is telegraph the pitch! :slight_smile:

How ever you hold your 2 seam, just slide your hand over where your middle takes place of your pointer finger and the index takes place of your middle finger. You want to still keep a loose grip and throw it like a fastball.