Help with a curveball, Please

Ok i really need clear examples.

I throw 3 pitches fastball changeup splitter
i been doing great but id like to learn a curveball which i have been trying to do but my friends suck at teaching

I need explanations for overhand to 3/4 arm angle(sorta between them both is my arm angle)

If someone can post pics or something of the release and follow through id be sooo greatful.

I want to have a nasty hammer:)

Im 18 almost 19 so im pretty much mature enough to learn this.

thank you

well, cant give u a pick right now, I maybe have a video this evening(got practice, ill try to make sum video’s. ill make grip+motion and sort of things u wanna :slight_smile:

anyways, really important with curve, DO NOT FLICK UR WRIST TO HARD!
I used to throw my curve like that, well great curve ,f*cked up wrist.
i get the most spin of just holding my wrist with fingers pointing to your head, and pulling the ball down, should make enough spin, atleast I do, never seen ane one who hit my curve. finish movement btw.

then, I dunt know how many non experienced players u get against you.
but non experienced players @ bat, dont throw curve at ehm. They just swing, might even hit it. fastball would be enough :stuck_out_tongue: save curve for nasty hitters^^

about the grip, well, I used 4 different grips last year. ended up with one, wich makes my ball break later. I dunt use a 4 seam’d grip. 2 seamed.

lay my fingers like 2 seam fastball, but then next to eachother and on the middle of the ball, maybe a litttle bit to the right.