Help with 9yo mechanics

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Well dad… the kids got the Moxie for it … I’ll say that much for the boy!!

For a nine year old he’s got the stuff for a pretty good looking progression into the next age group. And at that age, it’s what feels comfrotable and without pain that’s important.

His body english is such that in a few more years he’ll either lose some of that extra bulk around the hips and belly… or… he’ll fill out and turn that baby posture into bulk and muscle. And there in lies a great advantage for your son.

I would work on a reasonable pattern of development that doesn’t ask too much of your boy now… simple body movements that progress effortless form and posture. Which by the way he’s showing now… somewhat. I’d suggest slowing the youngster down so his muscle memory starts to ingrain a good delivery that uses that weight advantage that he now has… but incorportate some light shoulder and arm excercises to go along with it.

Take your son to a local college baseball clinic that offers “pitchers day”.
Call or e-mail the nearest college and ask when and where.

But right now, for every day enjoyment – be part of his experience with this great game… and it’s values of fair play and skills assesment.

As far as his showmenship… I wouldn’t change a thing… the young man seems to have a handle on the sprit of having a good time…

Coach B.

Thanks Coach.

He is a joy, and I’m amazed that he puts up with me. Today we started working on creating more shoulder/hip separation although you can’t tell from this video. Do you have any good drills that will help?

for hip shoulder seperation you could do the knee drill. in this drill you drop to your knees, then you point your knees at a 45 dgree angle to the target, then you throw with both knees on the ground.

Yes, I do. In fact, that and so much more, has been complied by and authored by… Steven Ellis himself. Steven has put years of professional experience to work for you and your son … without having to spend big bucks… nor do you have to chase all around town.

At the top of this web site there is an information bar called:
[size=18]Pitching Articles [/size]

If you click on to that information bar you’ll find a wealth of information that addresses every question you could possibly have with respect to your son’s progression. In addtion, Steven has included other articles and fact-finding to make your son’s progress safe and enjoyable at the same time. And are you ready for this too … it’s all at no charge.

As you son moves up and on in his playing experince he can match and increase the know-how for the next level by refer’g to this information bar then pick a new topic of interest. Beleive me, it doesn’t get any better or easier that this.

Coach B.

The following NPA drills can be used to work on hip/shoulder separation:

(1) Knee drill as mentioned above. Have the pitcher focus on rotating the shoulders back to create separation before throwing.

(2) Mirror drill.

(3) Rocker Drill.

Look here]here
for a description of the knee drill and rocker drill. Look [url=[/url] for a description of the mirror drill.

Thanks guys. I’ve been reading House’s “The Pitching Edge” and realized from this video that he (my son) does a lot of good things except for the short stride and lack of late torso rotation. He’s an easy teach and I look forward to posting his progress.

The Art and Science of Pitching is the most up-to-date book from House and the NPA regarding mechanics. You can get it here
for under $20.