Help with 8 year old pitching mechanics

Check the mechanics out[/youtube]

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video fixed now

He is young, keep working on location of pitches. I would start to work on some mechanical changes slow, maybe right now he could do some glove side mechanics. I know that some don’t agree with it but I feel that using both arms to throw the ball is very important, don’t just throw the ball to home with the right arm but also pull the ball to home (equally) with the glove side. I think the player should pull the glove back to the chest or even slightly under the left arm, ending with the right shoulder facing the direction of the plate. It’s a good place to start, it will take time but it will definately be worth it in the long run.

Glove to turn, is very important. But you dont practice it during pitching. Its practiced during warm ups , and every throw he does , infield , outfield. But mainly during warm ups.

thanks for all the coments