Help With 12-6 Curve

Hi i need help with a 12-6 curve ive tryied it but it dosent make sicnes to me i i relese but all it does is drop so i need help and i need help with a sinker i throw it right but it dosent sink any suggestions

not anyone can throw a 12-6 curve. it all depends on your arm angle.

That’s true. Not everyone can throw a 12-6 curve. You would have the best success with it if you throw with an overhand or a high 3/4 arm slot. As for the sinker, this is your basic 2-seam fastball, and here the arm slot doesn’t matter so much; the trick is what you do with the wrist action—you might try a karate-chop wrist snap or something similar to it. If you’re having difficulty with that, you might try a split-finger pitch, which will drop—for this you grip the ball as for a two-seamer but with the index and middle fingers off the seams, maybe just off, maybe a little wider, and you throw it like a fastball. The knuckle-curve may do the trick for you as well. Just experiment with these different pitches and discover what will work best for you. 8) :slight_smile:

Knuckle curve is a filthy pitch, arm path is just like a fastball and can be thrown from any arm angle, the grip itself gets the ball to curve not the action with the arm. My son placed a video of his grip up if you want to check it out if you like:

TY BUWHITE and MY kc hovers then dies right at the plate is that good

Sounds just the way it should be, I like dropping that pitch right on the tip of the plate, really nasty. You can then throw it really hard and you can get it to act like a splitter too. 2 pitches, one grip.

Oh that is awsome Thanks