Help, Which pitch should I throw?

11U player, I throw a hard Fastball(prefers throing a 2-seamer than a 4-seamer), and a nasty Sinker(just developedit in and now I’m flawless at it, and also i have awesome accuracy/location of both pitches.

I’ve been wondering which pitch would help me be even better.
Because I’ve been working on 2 pitches(at same rate of both) and a guy told me I should only be working on one pitch at a time so which one should I chose to stay with
I kinda need my 1-2-3 pitches

i dont know how you throw your supposed nasty sinker, since a sinker is basically a 2 seam fastball.

other than that, just like every other kids out there, until you get to 15 or 16 year old you should just develop your change up and start learning not to decelerate your arm when you do it. that will help you in the long run and make you a better pitcher in high school and where ever else you might want to pitch afterward.

i started throwing a curveball at 17 year old. before that it was all 4-seam fastball and a couple change-ups here and there. remember major league pitchers do throw 3 or 4 different pitches only because they are facing elite players and freak of nature that can basically hit just about anything. so they need to surprise them.

until you reach late high school or college you wouldnt really need much more than a fastball to do the job, locate it and batters will get themself out. a change up will just make you lethal.

And there are so many changeups to pick and choose from!
My pitching coach of way back when once told me that just about any pitch can be turned into a nice changeup, and he demonstrated a few of these for me. Let’s see now…there’s the straight change, the circle change, the palm ball (my first change), slower versions of the splitter and the knuckle-curve and the—whew! You have a closet full of them. So my suggestion would be to pick one and work on it and get it down cold, and it will be indeed a lethal addition to your arsenal.
And I take exception to the idea that you can only work on one pitch at a time. You could certainly work on two—refine your fast ball and learn to work with a changeup. And did you say you also throw a curve ball? I’m not surprised—even though conventional wisdom says you should wait till you’re old enough to shave, is how some people put it, it ain’t necessarily so; some pitchers have a natural curve ball. I know—mine came attached to my natural sidearm delivery; it was just there. So you could refine that one as well, and you’d have your 1-2-3 pitches, and that can serve you very well. Maybe later on, at about 14 or 15, you could consider something like a slider, but be sure you find an instructor who knows how to teach it—maybe even a professional pitcher, a major leaguer for example, who throws a good one—and get him to show you how to throw a good slider.
And with that sinker you can get a lot of ground-ball outs, so rejoice in it. 8)

@Zita I do not throw a Curveball. I was asking which one should I start throwing,because I need a 1-2-3 arsenal, but thx it really helped me! :smiley: :smiley: :ole:

you are 11, you don’t need a 1-2-3 arsenal yet. You need to work on the ability to locate your fastball, in, out, up and down. Next develop a solid change up that you can throw for strikes, and locate it up, down, inside and outside. Then you will have a lot of flexabilty with in, out, up, down and fast and slow…that is a good solid pitcher through about your 14u season. Then maybe add a curve or knuckle curve to keep batters off balance even more with more movement.