Help Wanted!

As I was looking over the different sections today I noticed something that could use some improvement on the site… the “Pitching Injury Section”

I see more topics that have 0 replies on them, and pitching injuries is something everyone should be able to get a specific answer to. No I’m not asking you to just put in a random answer just to give the person an answer…what I am asking you to do is:

If you know anybody who knows about sports injuries (like your school athletic trainer, a sports doctor, maybe someone in your family who has studied it, etc.) ask them to come on this site to help out!

I know a lot of people who had a lot of potiental to pitch in the majors and all of that came crashing down when he had some elbow pain and ignored it because he didn’t know what it was.

I have been asking around online to see if a proffessional could put in his/her input and answer questions now and then. But if you iknow anyone who could possibly help, asking them would help alot of people who need thier questions answered.


Maybe I’m not an expert on pitching injuries, but I know enough that I can tell those people who have been plagued by them to make an appointment with a sports-medicine physician or an orthopedic surgeon and get the problem checked out—ASAP. You just don’t fool around with elbow or shoulder injuries—I’ve seen too much of this. 8)