HELP! - Struggling to Throw Strikes

Hey All,

First a little about myself, I am a 5’11" 165 lb RHP at the JUCO level. Currently, I am a freshman that elected to red shirt this season in order to get bigger and stronger to better prepare myself for the next two years. Currently I am playing collegiate summer baseball with in the Expedition League with pretty solid competition, however, I feel as though I am underperforming EVERY outing. I’ve only thrown 13 innings but I’ve consistently been around 55% strikes and 45% balls. I have let up 10 walks (which always end up scoring) with a 12.7 ERA. I am about 95% sure my struggles are mental.

I have a few questions for the forum:

  1. Because the lack of accuracy may be mechanics and I’m wrong, I have attached a video of my most recent outing so you can see my mechanics and this outing was perfect to show my struggles. Please tell me what you think. (See video)
  2. I feel as though I’m not competing on the mound and I have very little confidence in pitches, or I’m falling behind, or not pitching with conviction. I’ve struggled with this for the last year or so. How can I maintain these mental processes? Also, after I give up a hit or walk I ALWAYS fall behind to the next hitter which results in another walk or a home run. After a hit or walk, what should I do to reset? I feel like I’ll be cruising then I’ll give up a base runner and all the sudden I can’t get an out. (See video)
  3. I feel as if sometimes when I’m about to throw a pitch, right before I let go, I feel myself second guess it and I miss badly, how can I build trust in my pitches that’s still there even after a hit or walk or my confidence gets rattled. I know I have the stuff to be in this league but I feel as if I’m not tapping into it. (See Video)
    Thank you so much to anyone who can give any information or help. I know I’m asking a lot but I’m starting to get frustrated.

Hey man, I checked out your video and you have good stuff, the only thing I would say about it physically is that you look rushed. I’d suggest taking a deep breath out there, maybe even slowing down the initial part of the windup to have a consistent base to increase consistency.

Mentally, I visualize where the ball is going to go and how much it’s going to move before I throw it, and then focus on executing that path. If there’s ever a time that I don’t think I can get it to move the way I want or land where it needs to be, I don’t throw it. If you’re throwing something without confidence I think that’s going into a losing battle.

As far as resetting after a walk or a hit I think everyone does this differently. I look at the scoreboard and think of myself as a reliever coming in inheriting the current situation. Letting up a double -> “Okay, 4 to 2. Bottom 6. One out. Keep this ball on the ground.” Then I’d get back on the mound.

Hope any of this helps, keep your head up you’ve got good stuff and you throw hard


Thank you so much for your response. I noticed when I watched it again that things did look (and feel) rushed. I usually get very anxious before outings so reminding myself to slow down will really help.
Also, I definitely agree with what you said about confidence prior to the pitch. I’ll be sure to slow down and visualize.
Again, thank you so much for your response, I’ll be sure to employ your advice!

No problem man! Consistent mechanics and a good mindset gets you in the strike zone and your stuff will do the rest for you.

Let me know how the next outing goes!

You just have to have your glove hand point at you target before you throw. And try to put all your pitch into the strike zone, indeed of risk and putting it in the edge on the strike zone!