Help strengthening my arm$

Hey my names Brandon and im a 14 year old pitcher/3rd basemen/1st basemen. Last year i got bersituis in my arm and we couldnt get rid of it. I had a sports therapist mess with it every now and then and the finnaly got the bag of bersituis to burst. But my arm hasnt been the same since. How can i strenthen it to get it back into shape?

Well i got to go.

throw, throw, throw. get on a good long toss program. make sure you tube, do jobes and all your arm care excercises. i dont know if you are in a supervised strength training program or not. you can take a look at our throwing program, strength program, etc. on our website

Besides regular throwing, JOBE exercises, and weight training(3lb to 5lb weights), you have to make sure your mechanics are good. No use to start throwing long toss with bad mechanics , you may take two steps backwards instread of going forward. If you have a good instructor in the area have him look at you and possibly video tape you as well.

I have personally seen great success with my young 13yr old.

We purchased the Thrive on Throwing DVD by Alan Jeager and also purchased his Yeager Bands. Look into those items and throw as much as possible. Take it easy at first then work your way up to throwing long toss about 2-3 times a week,

Before we got on Jaegers program the son would be sore for about 2- 3 days. Now he has normal soreness for 1 day and we are back to throwing on Day 2!

Good luck and take care of that arm!!!