Help son with Mechanics

I know this isnt the best video but can you guys take a look at it and let me know if you have any advice. I am going to get better video of his next bullpen from behind the catcher and the 3rd base side.


He’s got nice rhythm, I like getting the ball and getting rid of it.
The vid is ok for that side. If there is an issue that I see is that he looks tense as he can be. I like a loose and relaxed approach…but if he’s getting people out and not having issues with accuracy then I’d leave it be.
What exactly are the issues that got you to post?


You’re definitely rushing your delivery. You need to slow down. Your rushed delivery is also causing you lean forward a bit instead of standing tall and causing you to under achieve in fully loading your front hip, which takes away some power and velocity. The best way to fix this would be practicing your mechanics on flat ground. Practice Practice Practice. Best of luck!

Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. I think the biggest problem I saw was not using the lower part of his body enough. That and he had a hard time getting on top of his curve ball. I ended up taking him to a pitching the other day and he changed his delivery tohaving his hands go over his head. He fealt like he was rushing his delivery. So once he dis that it really helped keep his upper body back a little longer and he was spotting all his pitches alot better. I will post some more videos from the 3rd base side and behind home plate when he pitches again.