Help Regarding Weight Loss

I count like 100 total sets worth of exercises there. There is no way you are doing all of that in one workout, and if you can do that many sets the weight is way too low.

The easiest answer I can give you is to tell you to pick up something like Infinite Intensity (
). It includes a 50 day training protocol and every one of the exercises is functional. I have Ross’ other book and it is worth every penny.

Otherwise, everyone has an opinion about how many sets to do, how many reps per set, blah blah. The general consensus is that you should be doing around 5 sets for every major muscle group, then mix in smaller muscle groups as the need arises. There are some major exercises that you should build the workout around: squats, deads, pullups, bench, dips. To be honest, you could do just those exercises and get good results. For the best results, I’d take those exercises and add some olympic lifts and variations, plus med ball and core stuff.

If you have the money, get that book though. :wink:

Alright thanks, maybe I’ll pick up a copy of that. When I made my workout I wanted to focus on the muscle groups and do a couple of exercises for each. I may take out a 5 or so things on a given day depending on how I feel also I may only do some of the more strenuous lifts on every other days such as squats, dead, and bench. Sorry I didn’t clarify this but this chart is a general combination of what I do in a week. I do each of these things at least three times a week though.

what i use to do to help me was running about 2 miles bleachers. another thing to do is do a lot of calstetics. it helped me a lot



cut it down to 4days at the gym

i do ,

shoulders, lats, traps


lower back, abs

chest, bis, tris

do about 3-5 sets / body part

no offense but you probably lost ALOT of muscle doing that routine