Help Regarding Weight Loss

I’m looking for some advice on my training and diet. I’m 15 and a freshman in high school. As of now I’m 6’0 and 190 lbs, my ratio of body fat to muscle is about 25/75. I’m looking to slim down a little just to build up speed and potentially swipe some bags this year. I play first base and I pitch. I go to the gym five days a week and I use an eliptical bike for 20 minutes and run for 15 as my conditioning. Then I lift. I lift based on a lifting sheet my coach gave me over the summer it’s based on the book TUFFCUFF. I’ve recently been working on more core strength. I’ve been going to the gym consistently since summer and I’m seeing more muscle but I’d still like to lose some more of my core fat. My diet consists of usually a breakfast of cereal and skim-milk, a lunch of 2 bottles of water and some kind of protein although sometimes I will just drink water for lunch and my dinner consists of some kind of meat and two vegetables. That is my normal days nutrition. I usually drink water or diet soda and I’ve stopped eating sugar junk foods and I now eat about 3 portions of fruit a day as snacks. I’ve had people tell me that the plan I’m going by seems good and that it should help. I’m just looking for some help if I’m doing the right things or if I should look into a new program or making taking supplements. Thank You.

keep running like you have been and yes keep working on your core thats very impostant in pitching, also i would throw out the pop even though it diet. You must have a slow metablism, do you know?

Yeah, I do have a below average metabolism rate. My doctor told me there isn’t really anything I could do about it and I looked into taking something but the problem is basically all metabolism boosters are are just weight loss pills and I don’t wanna put my health on those.

Well one of your major problems is that you are skipping lunch. See when u only eat maybe two big meals a day than your body goes into survival mode so it will store all of your fat, since you aren’t eating that often. I suggest you should get about 5-6 small meals throughout the day, this will speed up your metabolism. Next your training style is good but if u want to really burn fat you shouldn’t be doin distance training. Try this it only takes 10 minutes and it will work better than running for a set speed for 15 minutes. Start with a good jog pace at 2 elevation, after one minute kick the speed up to a sprint at a higher elevation for a minute, after one minute kick it back down to your jog pace for a minute. Keep doin that on and off for about 10 minutes, increasing speed and elevation whenever it gets too easy. What this will do is not only burn fat while u do it but, unlike distance running, you will still be burning fat after you stop running. Lastly, i kno i couldnt live with out pop, its ok to have them sparingly as long as it is diet, it wont prolong your goals. Just make sure that u look at the nutrition facts, pops like diet crush still have calories in it. Hope this helped.

You need to eat more. Your body is trying to hold on to every last bit of fat to protect itself from starvation (part of the body’s many evolutionary quirks). Your daily intake looks to be less than 2,000 calories a day. Someone of your age, size, and activity levels should be taking in around 2500-2800. Split that up into 5-6 meals a day and your metabolism should come back to life.

As to your routine, you’d see better results if you have lifting days and cardio days. On lifting days (preferably 3 days a week), go with a full body program. There are many different programs in this forum to chose from, just check around (lbarber has listed many, and I have added a couple). For cardio, I would go with more sprint interval type exercises. If you are in a gym, the elliptical or treadmill should both have an interval setting on there. If not, try a running for 30 seconds, then jogging for a minute, and repeat that for 20 minutes.

Edit: Qball got to it before I posted. Great minds think alike…

Thank you everyone for your help. I really appreciate all the help. So some of the things I’m gonna work on.

-more sprints less distance running
-eat more meals of smaller portions
-try more singular cardio and lifting days
-cut out the soda (shouldn’t be a problem, i’m not a big soda drinker)

Well I’m definitly gonna work this stuff in. My main problem for skipping lunch is that I don’t have another option sometimes. Maybe now that the second semester is starting I might have time to sneak in something here and there and our school is getting catered lunches in february and there gonna have many more options and were told more healthy foods which is much better than what we recieve now.

in a couple of months or something make a new thread and tell us your new results…i hope it all works out for yah

[quote=“ltownindians07”]Thank you everyone for your help. I really appreciate all the help. So some of the things I’m gonna work on.

-more sprints less distance running
-eat more meals of smaller portions
-try more singular cardio and lifting days
-cut out the soda (shouldn’t be a problem, i’m not a big soda drinker)

Well I’m definitly gonna work this stuff in. My main problem for skipping lunch is that I don’t have another option sometimes. Maybe now that the second semester is starting I might have time to sneak in something here and there and our school is getting catered lunches in february and there gonna have many more options and were told more healthy foods which is much better than what we recieve now.[/quote]

Everyone has offered very good advice … eating more often is perhaps the singlemost important issue.

To make things easier, understand that you don’t necessarily have to eat a “meal” 5-6 times per day. A better way to say it is “snack”. For example, a handful or two of unsalted, raw nuts (almonds and walnuts are good choices) can serve as one of your “meals”. So can one piece of whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter (i.e., Crazy Richard’s instead of JIF or Skippy). Mix in a banana, apple, pear, orange, or other fruit (or dried fruit) during the day. Single serving packages of lowfat cottage cheese and/or yogurt are also excellent choices.

Also, make sure that the first thing you do upon waking in the morning is drink 2 tall glasses of water, and eat SOMETHING — even if it’s just a piece of toast — within a half hour of waking. These two things will kick-start your metabolism … you’ll notice your stomach churning and a regular trip to the bathroom in the morning within two weeks. Try to never go more than three hours without putting something nutritious into your belly. And continue to hydrate (drink water) throughout the day.

Finally, it’s vital that you completely quit soda, and also good to cut down on ice cream, cakes, candy bars, and any other sweets. Make it a habit to check the ingredients and nutritional value of EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth. With that in mind try to eat things that are high in protein and low in fat and sugar … and stay away from white breads and anything that includes high-fructose corn syrup.

As far as exercise, you may want to add 10-15 minutes to your cardio, and/or step up the pace of your weight training. Go from one exercise to the other with just 30-60 seconds in between sets.

Good luck!

one thing left out that no one says and is a good natural healthy way to speed up metabolism is to drink green tea… basically it has ECEG and it is an antioxidant so itll boost your metabolism

drink it to help and with your distance running and more meals of smaller portion should help you out

It’s been about a month since I posted about my weight loss. I’ve lost 14 pounds so far and my muscle to fat ratio is now at about 20/80. I’m seeing noticable results around my core. It feels much easier throwing now and it feels like I can run and sprint for much longer periods of time than before. Some changes I’ve made to my diet and fitness routines are.

My Typical Day’s Foods

Breakfast: Corn Flakes, Skim Milk, Banana
Mid Morning: Almonds, Bottle of Green Tea
Lunch: Portion of Pasta Salad and Water
Mid day: Water and Fruit
Dinner: A protein, a vegetable and some source of carbs, Green Tea

I’ve cut out soda completely and I’ve cut my portion sizes a bit also.

My Gym Routine (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays)

  • 20 Minutes of Running (One minute sprints followed by a minute of jogging)
  • 15 Minute Eliptical Bike
  • Core Workout I’ve started doing alot of plyometrics and lots of medicine ball work, this has become my favorite part of my workout. My core workout usually takes about 30 minutes
  • Full Body Workout follows

For Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Same cardio routine
  • Lighter core workout

Any comments or questions are greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to do calorie math in my head, and that doesn’t seem like nearly enough (I count about 1750 calories there). The fact that you lost 14 in a month is also a bit fast for losing just fat. I believe the optimal loss rate for fat is about 2 pounds a week. Any more than that and you start losing muscle tissue as well.

Anyway, you can definitely lose weight on an extreme calorie defecit, but you’ll hurt your later progress. After a while the metabolism starts to slow down, adjusting to the new calorie level. In effect, your body’s engine will slow down to make the fuel last longer. When that happens, you will stop losing weight. It’s called plateau’ing, when you stop losing weight, even on the same diet and exercise program. You might want to try adding in a “refeed” day, also called a cheat day, where you relax your diet and take in more calories. This can help keep your metabolism from slowing (and it’s much easier than me explaining how to carb cycle).

Your exercise program looks great. The interval running is a great addition and a good way to get the blood pumping.

Glad your program is working. Keep us updated :!:

Well, It’s been another month of hard work and determination. I’m having great success and I’m very happy with the results that I’m getting. I’m down to a weight 176 pounds. When I began thinking about making some changed to my life and working harder to have a more healthy lifestyle. I’ve been reading alot of articles on fitness, nutrition, and health in general in the last few months and they have become very topics to me in the last few months. Our mandatory practice schedule started on March 5th. We have practice six days a week and last friday I had my first game. I’m on the JV team but I’ve been told I’ll make some appearences on varsity. I’m a freshman and my life has changed a lot and I’m liking the changes that have occured.

My First Game:

My first game was quite a rough one for me and my team. We played an out of conference rival.

Pitching: 2 Innings, 2 hits, 8 runs, 1 walk, 0 Earned Runs, 1 K

Hitting: 2-3 Single, Strikeout, 13 Pitch at-bat for a Walk, Double, 2 Runs, 2 RBI’s

I started the game playing first base. Our pitcher gave up four early runs. We stranded three runners to end the first without a run. Our starter went two more innings giving up 1 more run and leaving with elbow pain. I pitched in relief in the fourth and fifth. I got an out on one pitch. The next hitter hit a week groundball to first ball went through the first baseman’s legs. This opened the flood gates. The inning was a disaster. We had five errors. Ending the inning allowing 8 runs. The game was lost as this point. We came back with six runs in the bottom of the fourth. I faced three hitters in the next inning all were thrown out on groundballs to third. The rest of the game went very smoothly for us and we played good defense but we couldn’t come through in the clutch on offense.

Final Score: 13-6

Them- 13 runs, 9 hits, 1 error
Us- 6 runs, 12 hits, 6 errors, I believe 13 LOB

April 2

Lehighton at. Pocono Mt. East

Box Score:

3 8 2
6 10 1

I was our starting pitcher. We were held scoreless in the first inning. I got through the first inning stranding two on after a hit and an error. We were held scoreless again in the second stranding two on. The first batter of the second inning. I threw a fastball middle in and they’re number five hitter unloaded and crushed it over the left center field fence. We came right back with one run to tie it. The third inning we came back and scored two to take the lead. They came right back at me with two back to back singles and a two rbi double down the line. The game was held at a 3-3 tie til the bottom of the sixth. I came for my sixth inning of work feeling strong. I got one out on one pitch. After a four pitch at bat they hit a single. The next play was a short pop to right but our right fielder instead of letting it drop and throwing the lead runner out at second slid for it and both runner were safe. The next pitch was a low and skipped away from our catcher. They had runners on first and third with one out. I got a pop up to short. The next hitter was critical. I got ahead 0-2. I threw a curveball low he layed off. Next pitch a fastball just outside. The next pitch he laced my fastball up the middle. I surrendered one more run on the inning. We had a no out double play and a diving catch to end the game in a loss.

Pitching Stats: 6 IP 6 R 6 ER 1 K 1 BB

Batting Stats: 0-2 HBP

I know its a little late, but just losing weight alone will not make you faster, you have to work you legs with squat, dead lift, leg press, etc. and if you do them, make sure to practice explosive movements, and that will help you out with your speed.

Thanks for the help. In another post I posted about my workout. I do squats, deadlift, lunges, and plyometrics to work on explosiveness.

Well around December this year. I thought about my life and things that could make me happier in general and make my life healthier. At that point I was 6 feet tall and weighed 201 pounds. I was at a 30/70 body fat range. This was the heaviest that I’d ever weighed. My weight really bugged me. I thought about it on a constant basis. That was when I decided to change my lifestyle. I read many things on fitness and nutrition. Since then I’ve lost 33 pounds. I dedicated five days every week to going to the gym and I took out fast food and I cut my portion sizes of meals in half. It’s a wonderful feeling having people compliment you on looking great. Many people have helped me in my life. My girlfriend of now 8 months has been there for me since day one. She’s really supported me and I love her for that. My parents were also very supportive. My mom being a nurse taught me many things about nutrition that I can relate to my everyday life. My current physical stature. 6’1 168 lb. 15/85 % body fat. I’m extremely proud of how my lifestyle has changed.

Things I’ve Changed:

  • Breakfast: It’s now a staple of my day.
  • Lunch: I no longer skip this meal on some days. I always try to incorportate some decently healthy food into my day.
  • I now make fitness a constant thing in my life. I know that if I don’t go to the gym I will at least do some kind of physical activity for at least an hour.
  • I eat at least the daily recommended servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Fruit is one of my favorite things to snack on rather than an healthy sugar loaded food
  • Sweets: I’ve completely cut out candy. I may have ice cream on occasion when I go out with someone but it’s no longer in my life at a high rate.

My New Goals:
(I’d like to accomplish by next January)


  • Gain 15 lb. of muscle
  • Stengthen core
  • Get body fat % to 12%
  • Clear up minor acne
  • Build velocity of fastball
  • Develop my changeup to be devastating


  • Achieve a 4.0 GPA (I currently have a 3.5)

Excellent! Keep up the good work!

Alright, well now that my season is over I’m starting back at the gym tomorrow. Here’s what my new lifting sheet looks like. If you know of anything to add or take away please let me know.

Running 20 Min. Interval Sprints

Eliptical 10 Min.

Shoulder Press (Dumbells) 4 Set of 5

Pushups 3 Sets of 10

Front Raise (Dumbells) 4 Sets of 5

Side Raise (Dumbells) 4 Sets of 5

Bent Over Lateral Raise (Dumbells) 2 Sets of 10

Full Arm Twists (Dumbells) 2 Sets of 15

Side Hammer Curl (Dumbells) 3 Sets of 10

Forearm Twists (Dumbells) 4 Sets of 5

Back Wrist Curls (Dumbells) 4 Sets of 5

Forearm Rope Twists 4 Sets of 5

Tricep Extension (Rope) 3 Sets of 10

Dips 3 Sets of 10

Two Hand Bicep Curl 5 Sets of 5

Concentration Curls 3 Sets of 10

Squats (Bar and Weights) 4 Sets of 5

Toe Raise 60 Total

Lunges 10 Sets of 3

Dead Lift 4 Sets of 5

Full Cans 4 Sets of 5

Incline Bench Press 4 Sets of 5

Bench Press 4 Sets of 5

Dumbell Flys 5 Sets of 5

Tricep Pull Down 4 Sets of 5

Pull Rows 4 Sets of 5

Lat Pull Downs 4 Sets of 5

Medicine Ball Work: Chops, Squats, Twists, Figure Eights, Slams: I’m go by a program that I found on here.

Swiss Ball Work: Crunches, Oblique Crunches, Leg Lifts, Planks, and a few more things.

At the moment I’m not on any supplements and I’ve thought about taking some but I never have heard enough advice. Also I do this program 4-5 times a week.

Thanks for the help. It’s appreciated greatly.

Um…is that one day, or just a list of exercises?

That’s what I try to do in one day. I’m usually at the gym for about 2 hours. Should I down size my workout? Do you think I’m hittin some of the same muscles too much?