Help Recovering From Workouts

My son has been strength training for the past six weeks and he seems to be recovering slower between workouts then I’d expect. He has lifted before and seemed to recover normally. He played Freshman Football this fall, (DOB 9/27/90), so he did a lot of running but not a lot of strength training. Currently he is lifting whole body 3 X week, running - (intervals, sprints and stairs), 3 X week, long tossing 3 X a week. In addition he is hitting off a tee or soft toss 3 X week, (~60 swings), and working on defensive skills 3 X week.

He performs Jobe exercises with bands on the days he throws, performs assisted stretches 4 X week and works with a foam roller a couple times a week. He has one day off completely. I’ve tried to emphasized the importance of water intake and eating well right after his workouts. What else can I do to help him recover more quickly?

well you need to emphasize eating well and drinking water ALL day not just after workouts

by “help recovering” do you mean he remains sore more often then he had in the past or is he getting burned out, lacking energy, etc?

Living in AZ I can really appreciate your advice to be sure he is hydrating all the time and eating frequent small meals.

When I mention that he is having more trouble then I’d expect recovering I’m primarily concerned about muscle soreness and fatigue. His strength workouts sometimes are effecting the quality of his running workouts and sometimes there is a carry over to the next strength session.

If you push yourself during fullbody workouts then you only need to go twice/week.