Help please!

I am a left handed pitcher that throws 80-83 mph. I need some advice on how to increase velocity. I need to be at 85+ before the season. Please give suggestions. Also, is my velocity on track to get a college scholarship if I keep hitting my spots and throwing a good tailing changeup and good 12-6 curveball?


How old are you?

Do you do anything already to increase velocity?

I suggest long toss and using a weighted baseball, also try to stay fit

When does your season start?

Why is it so important that you’re at 85+ before it starts?

It depends where you want to play, at some programs your velocity currently is good enough, at others you’d need to develop more.

What’s your age?

What’s your grad year?

What do you currently do program wise, both weight lifting and throwing?

Can you get some video of you up?

I am 17 years old. My graduation year is 2013. I currently do long toss and a weight lifting program at our school. I want to go d1 or d2. That is why I want to be at 85+.

Here is my video…

You can play DI at your velocity now, if you find the right program for you. Remember though there’s plenty of quality programs outside the realm of DI, and there’s programs that are DI that you’ve never heard of.

Do you go to an instructor?

Where do you play your summer ball?

Have you tried weighted baseball’s?

How often do you long toss?

How often do you work on your mech’s?

A guy that played minor league ball works with me every now and then. I have not used weighted baseballs. I need to though. I am playing summerball for my high school…Greenbrier High School. I am playing showcase somewhere in the fall. Not sure where yet.
Also, I long toss sometimes and work on my mechanics every now and then.

You need to get 100% committed to working on achieving your goal of making it to College Ball.

Hit the weight room HARD on a PITCHER SPECIFIC program.

Get yourself on a throwing program and commit to it all 100% you have to not only want it but be willing to bust your a** off and make sacrifices in order to get to that next level.

Check out TuffCuff, Wolforth, SETPRO etc, etc.

It’s entirely up to you, you have to be willing to put the hours in each and every day regardless of what else is going on around you. You and nobody else is going to get you there. Hold yourself accountable to what your doing.

There’s no magic bullet out there, no secret to success, just hard work, sweat and accountability making sure you’re giving it 100% all of the time.

I am DEFINITELY willing to do that. I want to play at the next level BAD! I always give 100 percent at everything I do. Thanks for the advice.

Watch the video to get an understanding of how bad you have to want it!

Some of my favorites,

When you want to succeed
as bad as you want to breath,
more than you want to sleep,
more than you want to party,
more than you want to be cool,

than you will be successful!

Hey…I pitched yesterday. I got the W. We won 2 to 1. I pitched a complete game, 7 innings. Had 9 strikeouts. Gave up 6 hits. And 1 run. Was throwing 80-82mph. I know I have to keep working hard but I just wanted to let yall know how I did.

Good stuff

What did you take away from the game?

Enjoy the win and the complete game, but always continue to push.

Regardless of the stats, ask yourself the hard questions.

Did you hit your spots?

Did you have a plan?

Did you execute your plan?

Did you have command of your second and third pitches?

Were you a good team mate?

Did you prepare physically and mentally?

Did you stay focused through the whole game?

I did stay focused. Alot of teamates were like…you are very focused. I did hit my spots very well. I threw my 2nd and 3rd pitches very well…I had alot of strikeouts with my curveball. My plan was to throw the ball well and get the win for our team. I did that. I took away the experience of how to approach different batters. I had a positive attitude the whole game.

You sound perfect. Hang out and wait for the offers to come in! :roll:

There were 1000’s of HS games last week. How many pitchers do you think threw a complete game allowing 1 run and 6 hits.

Now seperate yourself!

Work, work, work!

#1 Get straight A’s
#2 Prepare for all the College exams SAT ACT or whatever test.
#3 Between your studies, eat, sleep, and drink pitching. Read everything you can about strategy. Find a quality coach to help on mechanics.
#4 Learn about your opponents strengths.
#5 Stay away from distractions. Check in at the local parties but STAY SOBER and leave early.
#6 Keep the girls at arms length - remember it’s not love it’s LUST - keep that straight.

My point being, there are 1000’s that can walk on to a HS field and have your results with little work effort.

There are only hundreds that can do that at the D1 level on a regular bases, and they all have to bust their tail off to maintain at that level.

And what, maybe 50 at the MLB level!

Good luck!

Oh to be 17 again. Cheers,

I will definitely work hard. Our coach was talking to our 3 teams today about how I was a hard worker in the weight room. I just need to keep working. If I can hit 85 consistient by spring and hit my spots I should be able to go d1 or d2…do you agree? Also, I might order the tuff cuff program…have you heard of it? is it good?


Go read this months youth Sports Illistrated article about Roy Holladay. He talks about what he did from HS on. Learn from the best.

Being a hard worker during practice makes a good HS player. Working hard outside of practice is needed to move up the ladder.

Eat, sleep, drink baseball. Take care of your mind and body. Your answers to most responses do not reflect this mentality.

“A guy that played minor league ball works with me every now and then”

“I long toss sometimes and work on my mechanics every now and then”

Your concern right now should be maximizing your pontential. Not hitting a specific number.

Are you doing everything you can to improve? Are you researching colleges that you wish to attend? Do you have the academics to make it? This summer is big for you and you need to be visiting their summer camps and doing everything you can to be noticed.

What time did you wake up today?

When did you go to bed last night?

What did you do yesterday to improve?

What are doing today to improve?

I am doing all I can to improve. I am ordering the tuff cuff program to help me. I wokeup early today because I had a 4 hour practice. And yes, I am researching colleges to go to and will go to some summer camps.

Some good advice there real green.

I know at 17 this is hard to understand. You do not need to convence me you’re doing all you can. You have to be honest with yourself that you are!

My questions do not need to be answered on this board. They are to make you think! Stop defending your work ethic and start looking within yourself to determine the answers.

Watch this video, people who become great dig this deep with everything they do! They leave nothing on the table. Very, very few people dig this deep.