Help Out the Tiki!

My friend Danny wants to become a proballer. I want to help. I’m the big guy catching in the video. This definitely was far from his best day. I pitched with more command today than he did and I’m a half-buttoxed recreational player with injuries.

3 fastballs from windup
3 curves from windup
3 Fb’s from set
3 Crve’s from set
^Repeat^ with a wandering camera man.

No cleats and fear of the mound slip didn’t help.

What do you guys think? We need as much help as we can get. I’m hoping to get him a faster set pitch. A better follow through and a longer stride. It looks like he’s loading quite well, but then again I’m just a rec player.

Thanks! I might post some vids of me(the chubby guy catching) if I get warmed up properly.

Really would like to have better video, maybe choose one pitch from multiple angles vs having us watch 6.5 minutes. I do see that his mechanics change from pitch to pitch. Repeatable mechanics are very important but he does have a good curve.

Speed doesn’t seem bad but stride could be lengthened a bit and glove side mechanics need work, glove ends up on the ground sometimes, pull the glove back or at least to the chest for better speed and accuracy.

can someone please remove this thread for me? I figured out how to used editing devices, but for some reason cant get side to side videos, but I’ll be coming with better quality everything soon lol


I don’t know how to remove it but we can read that you will post more later and then when you work it out, find this thread and then post the new video to it, then we can comment at that time.

I’m not sure what you mean that you cant get side videos, just move the camera there…anyway we look forward to seeing your future videos.