Help on routine

I am a LHP throwing high 70s to topping out at 80. I am looking to get to around 85 by the time the season starts up. I take weightlifting as a class and workout at the gym after school. I have been doing alot of running to try and trim up quick so I can focus on gaining muscle more. I have also been doing long toss, mound work, bands, and rotator cuff exercises for a while. I still can’t tell a big increase in velocity. What are some exercises basically like from these programs and any other exercises I can be doing to help gain MPH?

go to and start reading…read all his stuff and all the stuff by all the other authors/strength coaches he mentions.

but basically…

lift really heavy, train explosiveness, eat really big, stay flexible, stay mobile, throw every day, throw the piss out of the ball (long toss or weighted ball program), and keep up with your arm care and recovery.

good luck

Thanks man.

Get rid of any long distance running

Don’t forget to rest :!: