Help on movement on a two seam fastball

How do you get good movement on a two seam fastball. Where do you put your pressure on the ball to get good movement.

Ok I’m not in a good mood right now, so maby this will come off a bit harsh. Dude look how many topics you ahve posted in such short time. You have a topic already on the sinker which is almost exately the same as the 2-seam. This is some pitchers sinker. Some alter it a tad bit. Do some searching. I already told you to search the sinker becuase that question has been asked quite a bit. Esepcially with some of these pitchers really using it, Webb and Wang to name a couple.

I’m not discouraging you at all but step back take a breath and stop posting all these topics. Your going to start to annoy people, losing their respect and losing precious information people could give to you. You need to read a lot more. Just read pages of topics by people but don’t post as much. Just read. You will find all these good topics about almost every question you’ve asked. When you bombard us with all these topics its just tough to answer them all.

I’m not telling you not to post topics becuase I have no authority to do this but, I feel I’m giving you some good information about good and bad topics. Trying to get the most information you can but not all at once. With the way you post topics now you should have any problem posting them later just read a bit. :lol: :lol: :smiley:

Your a great kid and its awesome to see the exitement. Just tone it down read up a bit. You won’t learn everything about pitching in 1 week. It will take years but in a few months you can absorb so much. Just read posts carefully and remember them. Look for posts by our moderators, Roger, JD, DM, Coach Baker, also some other guys that give you information. KC especially with Nutrition. Occasionly lbarber will post. These are the guys you want to learn from. Read everything you can about what they post.

DISCLAIMER: You don’t have to listen to a single word I say but I am giving you advice I think you should take it.

i agree with bower it is a lil annoying when you see topic after topic 10 posts of topics so far not bad to hae questions but on this site it is not that hard to find this info without having to ask

Bower has a point. You will only get short answers for your recent topics started because there has been detailed discussion on them in the past. If you want detailed answers search for the old threads, read them 10 times over, come back and tell us that you did so and ask questions for things you didn’t understand.

Sorry I think I just got caught up in trying to get my number of posts up. I will try to tone it down a bit. :smiley: Thanks for not getting too

only 1 topic needed

Thanks for the advice I will try to follow it.