!HELP needed!

Hello all,

I’m getting a little bit worried as I’m a senior in high school and I do not have any offers to play in college yet. I missed the summer and spring with a torn ACL but have been trying to attend showcases and camps like crazy this fall. So if anyone has experience with the whole college scholarships thing and would like to give me advice I appreciate it

In addition to asking here on LetsTalkPitching.com, you should also check out the High School Baseball Web for this particular topic:



why don’t you tell us a little about your goals, history, height, weight, velo and possibly video of your mechanics to start.

I did not go through the recruiting process, ended up squeezing my way onto a D1 as a non-scholarship player, fighting for 25 innings of playing time over my entire college career and finally being drafted in the 15th round this spring as a senior.

The road to the top is rarely pretty, but that doesn’t make it impossible.

Let us know your goals or send me a PM and we will get you on the right track. A lot of progress can be made in an off-season - I was maybe 81-83 going into senior year and came out of it sitting 85mph, which was enough at the time. Had I known what I now know about training, nutrition and mechanics I could have made twice the progress in half the time.