Help Needed

Hello, I’m new to the forums and I was looking for some help. I’m a short 5’10 sophomore RHP, who just turned 16 about two weeks ago. Throughout my baseball career I have been blessed with a fairly decent arm. My fastball tops out in the mid eighties and i consistently hit in the low eighties. I started pitching when i was in eighth grade and as a result I’ve had to work very hard to get to where I am today. My problem has always been my consistency, I’ve never been able to throw strikes on a consistent basis. I have several main mechanical issues that i have been told need to be fixed:

  1. Arm recoil- After I pitch i often will recoil my arm and its beginning to cause soreness.

  2. Driving to the plate with the back leg- This seems to be the biggest thing I hear.

  3. Finding my target with my eyes sooner and breaking my hands from the glove faster-

I often hear these things from instructors, but every time they are only able to identify the issues and not give me a path to help fix the problems. If you see any other mechanical flaws please feel free to point them out, as I would like to know these are just the ones I hear about the most. One last thing is that I would like to know of a workout regimen that would aid in increasing my arms stamina and maybe even add velocity, I have a tryout coming up in June and I would like to be in the best physical shape I can possibly be in. The links below are a front side view of my mechanics and a backside view of my mechanics on flatground. Thanks for your help.

Really hard to see some of the most important things with respect to what you asked about but your video follows the ball vs staying on you, can you get more video, all sides and let us have a look then.

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve had baseball games the last two days. I pitched in one of the games. I picked up the win with four innings pitched 5K’s and 3 earned runs, but they had no hits. I walked six or seven batters and they all scored off of wild pitches… I used only a fastball and maybe three or four times a changeup. My pitching mentality was very focused and alert which is the only reason i was able to work out of the walks and the one bad inning I had. However my coach noted I was using mostly arm and no lower body, as a result my arm is very sore but luckily its not a hurting sore that would indicate an injury, but rather a just lifted weights soreness. The soreness is in my triceps, posterior shoulder area, and my forearm. I only added this because i thought it might be able to help diagnose my problem.

I don’t know if these videos will help but the first one focuses on me and not the ball. When I get the video from my game I’ll post it, but that might not be for several days due to baseball and a family emergency. Also please ignore my dad he just filmed the videos and he doesn’t know that much about baseball, I’m just grateful he took the time to film the videos. Thank you very much for helping me!