Help needed! Ball comes out of his hand like a curveball

Please help anytime my 10 year old son throws the ball it comes out like a curveball. At first it was just when he pitched now it started to do it in the field now. At help or drills would be great.

And it’s not like he just started playing baseball he has been playing competeively for 3 years. And then this started about two months ago. Please help.

There is the old tactic of drawing a black line around the center of a ball and then trying to throwing it and keep the line from spinning or wobbling. Folks have also use a hockey puck for the same purpose.

Thanks Roger
Tried a few of those he throws good while we just throwing. But as soon as he gets in live action the curveball release comes back.

[quote=“cheslin”]Thanks Roger
Tried a few of those he throws good while we just throwing. But as soon as he gets in live action the curveball release comes back.[/quote]

A few throws not enough , a few weeks or months on every warm up, every throw. I color half the ball black

Thanks Plaz

I fight this with my 8 yr old some and some of it seems to be related to grip. The thumb should bisect the ball with the middle finger. Sometimes I still have to remind him to keep his fingers behind the ball. i think the arm take away or backswing influences hand position at high cock and release. You might want to check that though most may believe it to be a non teach.

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I agree with Ted - thumb and middle finger should cut the ball in half. Allowing the thumb to slide up the side of the ball towards the index finger can result in supination.

Try taking the throwing arm out of the equation and work on the release. Put the elbow of the throwing arm at a 90 degree angle out in front of his body with the elbow facing the target. Put the below of the throwing arm resting on his glove hand.nwhich reaches across his body Practice that 90 degree range of motion with the release point, making sure he keeps his hand behind the bal instead of allowing the ball to roll out the side of his hand.

It’s like a flicking motion but allows the hand and wrist to get the feel of the proper release of the ball. I bet the above comments are correct about his grip, but I also bet he is rolling his wrist at some point and the ball is sort of rolling out of his hand and he isn’t feeling it come off his finger tips.

You can draw all the lines on the ball you want. The reason the ball spins and the gravity takes over is because he takes the ball out of his glove with his hand underneath the ball or on the side then his elbow never gets up.
so when he throws the ball his hand is on the side of the ball creating the side spin.
Have him start facing his target with his hand on top of the ball with his arm extended toward the target bring it down and around like a wind mill with the hand still on top. As he is bringing the ball down turn front side toward target and short step, let arm fold to about 90 degrees when elbow gets to shoulder height, keeping the hand behind the ball turn release follow through on balance. That should create the backspin you want.

If he does it properly in practice and doesn’t in a game, it seems less like a technical problem and more like a repetition or confidence problem. He needs more reps to make the proper throw become natural. He can focus on it in practice but needs to react in the game. Perhaps he doesn’t trust the proper technique when he needs to make a play.

This is common in this age group. Due to their small hands, they tend to have the thumb on the side of the ball, opposite the pinkie. The best fix is to make sure the thumb is UNDER the ball beneath the MIDDLE FINGER. You might start seeing pronation!