Help me

Ok I play baseball and im 13 years old. I don’t pitch and don’t plan on it. But while we were warming up before one of my games i couldn’t even fell teh ball since it was freezing so i accidently threw the ball with 3 fingers. They were all spread apart and when i threw it i snapped my wrsit on accident. I HAVE A LITTLE HABBIT OF DOING THAT and the ball completely curved to the right??? This was crazy im not even a left handed thrower. SO basically i threw the ball as a righty with three fingers spread apart and i snapped my wrist and the ball broke a ton to the right??? WHAT DID I THROW cuase this is like so unreal. and i threw twice both on accident

seems like you threw either a changeup with great movement or a screwball to me.

Sounds like a change-up.

your probably right i just dont no much about pitching and i threw it full speed but who knows it was probably a three finger change up i looked it up