Help me solve this mechanic riddle of mine

I have been trying to make it a point at every practice to stop reaching back towards 2B. I think my intent is to reach back for more juice, but I can’t figure out what the steps are to break this muscle memory. It’s really stuck right now.

If you have any drills or ideas to get my shoulders to move towards home would really help me out.

Here is what I am doing.

Can you clarify what the issue is. It is normal to extend the throwing arm back and I don’t see anything wrong in that regard in your delivery.

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Nothing wrong with reaching back toward the second base bag with your throwing hand. If you reach too far in the direction of SS, you may have trouble with your alignment down the mound and with getting your chest and shoulders square to the plate when your arm comes through. This is not the ideal angle to diagnose that. Home plate offers a better angle for checking alignment.

Oh ok I guess I fixed that issue then, I wasn’t sure If I was still doing so. Thank you

There is almost a complete lack of external rotation.

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Yeah if you put the stills together, the 90 degree forearm angle is maintained like the arm is sliding forward on a rail. There is no forearm layback or whip.

With your delivery, the ball is always moving forward with the shoulder and elbow.

If you pause it at front foot plant the throwing elbow is almost at the level of mid ribs. When the elbow is dropped that far the is almost no way the pitcher will end up not “pushing” the ball.
External rotation can be improved but it is a lot of work.

Your focusing on the wrong thing. Your Mai problem here is your external rotation. You ha e almost none. You have a big mobility problem. If you are able to lay your arm back 180 degrees then the reason you have no external rotation is because there isn’t enough force behind it and you are pushing the ball. So you probably have mobility and power issues.

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