Help me Set a Goal

Im graduating from high school in about a week. I throw 83-85 as a senior. What is a realistic goal as far as improving my velocity in college?

i’m also 6’0, 160 lbs.

-Are you already committed to play for a college next season?
-How hard have you been training, if at all, during your high school years?
-Have you tried long tossing with the purpose of building arm strength?
-Have you tried using a 4 oz, 5 oz (regulation), 6 oz weighted ball program?
-Ever used resistance tubing exercises?
-How are your mechanics?

If you are lined up for a college next season and have yet to really, really train then you might pick up a little bit of velocity there…and would definitely increase endurance and stamina.

A smart long toss and/or weighted baseball program could also add a few MPH.

Resistance tubing is a must IMO. Get some and start doing it religiously.

Mechanics are often overlooked when trying to squeeze out extra velocity. Get a pro opinion on your mechanics, or get a vid and ask for advice here and informed minds such as jdfromfla, Coach Baker, Chris O’Leary, and Roger may be able to help. Don’t sacrifice control for velocity in the long run, which means if by chance you do pick up velo from tweaked mechanics but control suffers a bit, work on it for awhile and control may come around with the improved velocity.

My advice is to work as hard as you can and the velocity will come if its there…Its really hard to set goals because you have to take steps backwards before you reach your goal and some people arent willing to accept failure to get to sucess. I would say 85-87 would be a realistic goal however. Just go and do what the coaches say and work as hard as you can in the weight room and while running on that warning track in the outfield. :smiley:


[quote=“jakejeckel”]91[/quote]Its too high because for a high schooler going to college, if you dont reach a goal, it really breaks you down inside. I went to JUCO ball throwing 90-94 and I was expecting to gain a lot. Instead, I rushed back from injury and was throwing 85-88. However, I went into summer ball last year attemping to get back my velocity. I said I wanted to be around 90 consistantly. It turned out I was 92-94 in relief. This year I wanted to be able to keep my speed up over a period of pitches. I decided Id go around 90 again for 100 pitches. I was in that area the whole year, 90-92 through 140 pitches once. So, my freshman year I was very down on myself because of the pressure I had from high school. I was suggest just focusing on getting through your fall season. :wink:

its just a goal. if it breaks you down that much inside by not reaching it then your mental game probly isnt that solid. mental is way more important than physical.

Yeah, so Id set a goal thats within reach, not 6 mph higher, thats a high jump in velo in one year.

would 88mph for my freshmen season be a good goal?
than 91 by the time im a junior?

[quote=“chew1109”]would 88mph for my freshmen season be a good goal?
than 91 by the time im a junior?[/quote]88 would be a good goal, and you could even say if you achieve 88, go for 91 your sophomore season.